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Mothproof, at the Cornservatory. The idea behind Mothproof’s improv show is to add to, subtract from, or substitute words in a phrase inspired by an audience suggestion, creating extended riffs on the themes that emerge. On opening night the two phrases that evolved as keepers from the audience suggestion of “a wedding” were “brides can […]

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Local Lit: Irvine Welsh-spotting

Since the spectacular success of his first novel, Trainspotting, ten years ago, Scottish writer Irvine Welsh has solidified his reputation as the profane scribe of the drug-addled and disenfranchised, producing four more novels in addition to multiple novellas, plays, and short stories. He’s also gotten into film production, journalism, teaching, and humanitarian work on behalf […]

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Savage Love

Remember how one time (or maybe two) you warned a guy (while remaining masturbation-positive) not to condition his body to come only in response to a particular kind of stimulation? I believe (’cause I looked ’em up) your exact words were, “…if you hold your cock in a death grip every time, you may find […]

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Dave Gordon

Some of the tracks on Dave Gordon’s new album, Faux Real (Southport), are recent, others date back to the early 90s, but musically they’re all true to the ideas that informed the Chicago pianist and composer’s first recordings in the early 80s–though opinions may differ as to whether this shows admirable consistency or arrested development. […]

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8-Track, the Sounds of the 70s

8-Track, the Sounds of the 70s, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way,” Ray Stevens sang in his 1970 hit “Everything Is Beautiful.” That sentiment is embraced by this genial, engaging revue. Instead of sleek, sexy singer-dancers, the show features four average-looking folks. These are people you might run into at […]

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Sports Section

The White Sox saved their best game of the season for their last night at home before the All-Star break. Coming off three straight two-to-one series victories–the home-and-home meetings with the Cubs sandwiched around a series in Minnesota–they were now trying to complete a three-game sweep of the Twins, their archrivals in the AL Central, […]

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Larry Garner

Larry Garner’s output since the early 90s has earned the Louisiana guitarist an international reputation as a rootsy, soul-influenced contemporary bluesman with a withering wit and a gift for trenchant social commentary. His latest, this year’s Embarrassment to the Blues? (Ruf), is a somewhat murkily recorded live disc that showcases him at his most fearless […]

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Opera’s Smoothest Operator

Except for the brief–albeit awesome–descent to hell near the end, Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a klutzy comedy built around one of opera’s most outrageous libertines. A sort of Wilt Chamberlain of the 17th century, Giovanni (aka Don Juan) screws his way across Europe–1,000 women in Spain alone–while his servant keeps a running tally. It’s a […]

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Natacha Atlas

In France, world music isn’t just a record-shop rubric, it’s a vibrant cultural force, and the Vive la World package tours have come to represent an annual report on the state of cross-cultural affairs there. The four acts on this year’s bill all traffic in pan-African fusion, with mixed results. The highlight of the program […]

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Spot Check

THOSE PEABODYS 7/18, SUBTERRANEAN This Austin buzz band is claiming its piece of the back-to-AOR action on its second album, Unite Tonight; the lesson here is that you can’t be afraid to be annoying if you’re going to try to sell this stuff straight. Bassist and front man Clarke Wilson has a scratchy squawk that […]

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Goodman Latino Theater Festival

Ensembles from Spain and Mexico join local troupes in the Goodman Theatre’s first-ever showcase of Latino theater. Coordinated by actor-director Henry Godinez, the fest features readings, performances, and discussions in both Spanish and English. The Goodman Latino Theater Festival runs through July 20 at the Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn. Times and ticket prices vary […]

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Jack O’Shea: The Saga Begins

Jack O’Shea: The Saga Begins, Hairy Calahan Productions, at the Breadline Theatre. “You see some crazy things on the street,” confides the hard-boiled cop in this James Cook comedy–which also confirms that crazy things can be seen in late-night theater. But it’s the audacious nonsense in this loosely plotted Jack O’Shea installment that makes the […]

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Still Breathing

Choreographer Sarah Haas curated this hour-long evening, which includes her own work and that of Cutman Dance Crash and Sabrina Cavins. Only Haas’s pieces were available for preview, but they alone justify a recommendation. Her Breathing Still, inspired by the Chinese meditative art Falun Dafa (better known as Falun Gong) and done to music that […]

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Drive-By Truckers

When it comes to southern culture, Drive-By Truckers’ singer-guitarist Patterson Hood loves nothing more than to boot a sleeping dog square in the ass. On the Athens band’s last outing, Southern Rock Opera–a brilliant, lumbering survey of life below the Mason-Dixon line disguised as a celebration of Lynyrd Skynyrd–Hood exhumed Alabama governor George Wallace in […]