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Saints and Sex

I was disturbed to read Kristina Kallas’s story “Yiayia Sisterhood” (July 11, 2003). I find it unfortunate that she expresses such prejudices toward men and toward married women. I also find it unfortunate that she sees difficulty with bureaucratic processes as specific to her agenda. I would like her to know that I had just […]

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Doses of Reality

The Gatekeeper–produced, directed, and written by someone you’ve never heard of, with a cast that’s equally unknown–is a realistic, no-nonsense independent feature about Mexican immigrants enslaved just after crossing illegally into the U.S. Masked and Anonymous–a Bob Dylan vehicle packed with stars, directed by a sitcom veteran, and produced by the BBC–is a fantasy about […]

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Savage Love

I gotta say I’m a bit disappointed in you. I’ve been reading your column for years, and you’ve answered the same question from gay men many times: “How can I hook up with my straight roommate?” Months ago I asked you a similar question–“How can I hook up with my gay best friend?”–and I got […]

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Poetics of Scale

The first time I saw one of Carl Andre’s huge arrangements of rocks laid across a gallery floor it seemed to be shouting at me in a foreign language, but the small work of his that’s on display in a parlor-sized gallery at the Art Institute elicits a quiet conversation. The museum’s stated purpose for […]

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Fillet of Solo Festival

Live Bait Theater’s eighth annual showcase of one-person performances features old and new work by a slew of fringe artists. The fest runs through August 30 at Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark; performances take place in the theater’s Bucket space. Tickets are $10 per show; a festival pass to all shows costs $30. Call […]

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Mickey Hess

In his memoir, Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory (Pitchfork Battalion), underground publishing advocate Mickey Hess uses deadpan humor and pungent observations to describe the price he pays for pursuing a passion–teaching college students how to write. Unlike one friend who chooses medical school for a high-paying career, Hess ekes out a living as an […]

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Second City . . . in Color

Over the past ten years, the Second City comedy franchise has sought to diversify by developing farm teams of color. This Theater on the Lake production is a “best of” revue featuring sketches developed by such spin-off troupes, punctuated by piquant improv. Second City…in Color doesn’t quite make it through the evening without mentioning the […]

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Sports Section

It’s been so long since I’ve had an opportunity to write about that delicate, vulnerable moment when a fan gives his or her heart to a baseball team–three years since the White Sox’ last playoff appearance–I’ve almost forgotten how. But it seems that in spite of themselves, the Sox–forever playing hard to get and seemingly […]

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James Moody

James Moody’s puckish persona and penchant for bad puns would seem to argue against his status as an elder statesman of jazz, but there’s no disputing his place in music history. Known primarily for his tenor sax but also an incisive altoist, Moody, who turned 78 this year, was already an adept of the nascent […]

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Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins XV

The Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company’s annual showcase of emerging talent–running Friday-Sunday, August 15-17–features a slew of local fringe ensembles and solo artists. Founded in 1989 to honor the late anarchist author of Woodstock Nation and to commemorate the anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock music festival, this performance marathon offers a steady flow of entertainment while seeking […]

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Nolan Struck

Nolan Struck’s upper-register moan is one of the eeriest and most riveting sounds in contemporary soul blues: it stunned a beer-soaked crowd into silence at the 1993 Chicago Blues Festival, but it gets just the opposite reaction from the women at the chitlin’-circuit clubs he usually plays. Born Nolton Antoine in Duson, Louisiana, in 1940, […]