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James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach, Inequity Theatrical Collaboration, at the Cornservatory. Richard R. George’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s book for this late-night, adult-oriented show dumbs down the original’s wicked humor into silly sexually tinged camp. Thrown in are a few songs by Joseph Stearns. In George’s version, directed by Lewis Lain Jr., a group […]

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Friday 11/1 – Thursday 11/7 NOVEMBER 1 FRIDAY Bahman Farmanara’s career was clipping along nicely until the Iranian filmmaker’s work was banned in 1978 by postrevolutionary censors. His next ten scripts were rejected by the Iranian film board, but he came back from artistic exile in 2000 with Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine. An […]

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Dance Chicago 2002

If it was good enough for Jane Austen, it’s good enough for me. In an 1813 letter to her sister Cassandra about Pride and Prejudice, which had just been published, Austen said that “the work is rather too light, and bright, and sparkling.” One might say the same of the monthlong Dance Chicago festival–the “Opening […]

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Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening With the Illuminati)

Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening With the Illuminati), Wing & Groove Theatre. Larry Larson and Levi Lee’s dark comedy–about the half-mad Reverend Eddie and Brother Lawrence, living in a bombed-out church sanctuary in the aftermath of some horrible war–seems much less paranoid than it did the last […]

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Daughter of the Flames

This week Facets Cinematheque and the Chicago Humanities Festival present a retrospective of films by Korean director Im Kwon-taek, who will lecture on Saturday, November 9, as part of the festival. Like Japanese masters Kenji Mizoguchi and Akira Kurosawa, Im has set his films in both the feudal past (Chihwaseon, his latest release) and the […]

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Here and Now

This survey of work by 22 mostly young Chicagoans, a collaboration between four different curators, includes the good, the bad, and the silly–sometimes in a single piece. Christopher Vasell’s video Clenched Jaw/Sunken Cheeks (Tom Cruise) (2000) intercuts a handful of hypnotically repeating images of Cruise; Vasell wanted to show the limited range of the actor’s […]

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T-Model Ford

In recent years, the Fat Possum label has made a cottage industry of “discovering” southern blues musicians, recording them at their rawest and promoting them as exemplars of an unsullied tradition. In the process they’ve tended to sensationalize their charges’ lives: any man with knife scars or a prison record finds his travails paraded as […]

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Accessibility Issues

Dear editor: It always seems to me that the reason one reads a review is to get some sense of what happened at a performance one couldn’t attend. When I read Kelly Kleiman’s review of the Trisha Brown Dance Company (“Glimpse of Perfection,” October 11), I had the opposite response. I couldn’t comprehend how she […]