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Savage Love

I’m a successful guy with a beautiful wife, who is a successful executive herself. About two years ago I had a seriously stupid affair with an attractive woman at my firm. It lasted six weeks, and then my wife busted us. She did the usual and threw my sorry ass out of the house; I […]

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Feeling the Buzz

Brigida Baltar: Bee House at Julia Friedman, through December 7 What does it mean for a photographer to portray herself as a human honeycomb? In “Bee House,” Brazilian artist Brigida Baltar slaps you with this question, then refuses to answer. While the exhibition features a short video loop of honey dripping down a staircase and […]

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City File

Quick–name one physicist to whose calculations you would entrust Hyde Park. In honor of the 60th anniversary of the first controlled atomic chain reaction–on the University of Chicago campus on December 2, 1942–the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (November/December) recalls that the chain-reaction pile “was not supposed to be built in the city. No one […]

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Sports Section

The Blackhawks opened the season with low expectations and equally low fan interest. Though they’d made the Stanley Cup playoffs last spring for the first time in five years, they gave up their most popular player, Tony Amonte, to free agency over the summer and signed in his place Theo Fleury, a veteran star with […]

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John Mooney

John Mooney has made his name integrating two wildly different styles: declamatory Delta blues and ebullient New Orleans R & B. He was born in New Jersey in 1955 but grew up in Syracuse, New York, where as a teenager he met legendary Delta bluesman Son House, who’d moved there from Mississippi in the 40s. […]

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Born Again

Dance R/Evolution at the Athenaeum Theatre, through November 22 New Dances at the Athenaeum Theatre, through November 26 If you expect an evening focused on dance classics to be more traditional than one focused on new dances, Dance Chicago has a surprise for you. “Dance R/Evolution,” featuring “remounted works from Chicago choreographers that shaped the […]

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Spot Check

BASEBALL FURIES 11/22, HIDEOUT Formed in Buffalo but now based in Chicago, this quartet keeps one foot firmly planted in rock ‘n’ roll’s alleged grave–its first full-length, Greater Than Ever (Big Neck), quaintly claims to have a side one and a side two. But as they rifle through five decades’ worth of rude, raw punk […]

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Debra Tolchinsky

Debra Tolchinsky’s show at Artemisia, “Case Studies,” uses photography, computer animation, and text to create portraits of eight fictional characters who, in an attempt to find happiness, modify their bodies in ways that range from familiar to haunting to hilarious. Most striking are six digitally altered Polaroids pasted on graph paper and accompanied by typewritten […]

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The Straight Dope

What exactly is fire? I know it’s combustion of fuel, blah, blah…but what is it exactly? Is it purely energy? What state of matter is it? I suspect it’s highly energetic gases, whose energy state is so high that they emit light, and thus we see flame, with the hotter flames being higher in electromagnetic […]