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The Underpants

It’s 1910, and scandal erupts when a German housewife’s underpants drop during a royal parade, enraging her straight-arrow husband and intoxicating two gentlemen, who rent a spare bedroom in the couple’s apartment to be nearer to the unwitting temptress. After a successful Chicago run last fall, Noble Fool Theater Company has exported this production of […]

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SEX!, Neo-Futurists. Over the past 15 years the Neo-Futurists have created some of Chicago’s most innovative productions: wild adaptations of Kafka and Freud, slashing deconstructions of contemporary society, solo shows that transcend the tiresome solipsism of all too many confessional monologues. Their current show, Sex!, might have reached the same genre-defying heights. Instead, writer Sean […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Joy to the World! In San Rafael, California, 39-year-old Jonathan Cantu and 50-year-old Charles Kern, arguing at a Christmas Eve party over whose gift was worth more, smacked each other over the head with flowerpots and had to be hospitalized. In Hermosa Beach, California, 20-year-old Brandi Nicole Nason, dissatisfied with a gift from […]

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Brothers Jimmy and Dennis Flemion infiltrated popular consciousness in the early 1990s via superstar fans and collaborators like Billy Corgan, who produced some of their records, Beck, who’s sampled them, and Pearl Jam, who put them on the B side of one of their singles. After a self-released debut in ’88, the Frogs got on […]

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Weaving Spells

Jiwon Son: Aggregates at Byron Roche, through February 20 The intricate patterns of Jiwon Son’s Aggregate 02L-B001 recall the silk brocade used to frame traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean paintings. A 37-inch-square white-on-white work–perhaps the most stunning of her 11 paintings or groups of paintings at Byron Roche–Aggregate 02L-B001 includes some 300 repetitions of the […]

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The Fog of War

The Fog of War ** (Worth seeing) Directed by Errol Morris. In The Fog of War, Errol Morris interviews an 84-year-old Robert S. McNamara, who served as secretary of defense under presidents Kennedy and Johnson and is widely regarded as the architect of the American war in Vietnam. There’s something undeniably masterful about the film, […]

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O’Neill’s Talking, but Nobody’s Listening; Black Mood Lingers at Sun-Times

O’Neill’s Talking, but Nobody’s Listening A quick and dirty Hot Type survey has turned up results breathtaking in their predictability–newspapers that endorsed Al Gore four years ago are a lot more pumped by the new book about Paul O’Neill than the ones that went for George W. Bush. The former treasury secretary whom Bush fired […]

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Keyboard whiz Tom Brislin is a fresh-faced lad of twentysomething, but don’t worry about the rock industry chewing him up: he’s already been tossed to the Yes aficionados. A child prodigy in classical piano, he claims his sisters exposed him to prog in the womb, and by 2001 he’d already toured with Meat Loaf for […]

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Bailiwick Repertory Directors’ Festival: “Chicago Works”

The first installment of Bailiwick Repertory’s 2004 showcase of emerging directors features work by writers from Chicago or with “strong Chicago connections.” The series runs January 26-February 4 at the Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont. Performances take place Monday-Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Each evening features three short plays. Tickets are $10 per evening; for […]

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Staggering Toward America

STAGGERING TOWARDS AMERICA, at the Athenaeum Theatre. In this one-man show, scruffy, affable Rik Reppe shares recollections of a road trip he took after September 11, 2001, hoping to reconnect with America. It turns out his path was marked by the kindness and simple patriotism of strangers: old Armenians banging a table at McDonald’s to […]