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Learn Your Legends

To the editor: Whatever one may think of Solomon Burke’s latter-day success as a “crossover” artist, he’s hardly just a “minor R & B or soul ‘legend’” as Keith Harris labeled him last week [Section Three, January 16]. Burke, whom Atlantic Records’ Jerry Wexler has called “the best soul singer of all time,” was in […]

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Badi Assad

When Badi Assad sends her voice soaring on the melodies of her native Brazil, it sounds as natural as a bird’s. Even while she accompanies herself with complicated rhythms or intricate fingerwork on acoustic guitar, she never sounds as if she’s working; she reminds you why it’s called playing music. Like her older brothers Sergio […]

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B-Fest 2004

Inaugurated in 1981, this annual 24-hour marathon of B (and Z) movies runs Friday through Saturday, January 30 through 31, at Northwestern Univ. Norris Center, 1999 Campus Dr., Evanston. There is no entry to the festival between 2:00 am and 8:00 am Saturday. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and $10 after […]

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Savage Love

I’m an 18-year-old senior in high school. I met a girl at a party one night and we ended up going out for about a month. During that time we never went further than me fingering her, because she didn’t want to. We had both had sex before, she with her boyfriend of eight months […]

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Jose Merce

Jose Merce, one of Spain’s most popular flamenco singers (from Jerez, a storied city for flamenco artists), has worked in a distinctly contemporary vein since the 70s, adding electric bass, keyboards, and drums to his recordings and embracing topical subject matter and metaphors–like declaring that what a tired heart needs is new batteries. But on […]

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Ned Broderick

Decades after Ned Broderick fought in Vietnam the war still influences his work, as evidenced in his paintings, sculptures, photographs, and collages at 4Art. Many are fragmented or twisted oddly in space, and most reverse expectations in one way or another–suggesting an unstable world where aggression can surface at any moment. The plaster torso in […]

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Sports Section

Out the window as I write this, the city looks like the interior of a snow globe. It reminds me that when I walked up the back steps returning from the corner store, it seemed as if I’d never again be able to sit on the porch and read the morning paper. But my thoughts […]

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MOSCOW, Bailiwick Repertory. Three gay men, inexplicably trapped in an empty theater, struggle to unravel the mystery of their plight–and to pass the time, placing this musical squarely in absurdist territory. Unfortunately, the audience too is imprisoned by this existential drama: first you wonder why you’re there, then whether you can leave. In writer Nick […]

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Spot Check

DIALS 1/30, BEAT KITCHEN On the six tracks of its self-released debut, Sick Times, this Chicago quartet combines garage and new-wave elements into a sound that refuses to be pinned down as merely referential or retro; Emily Dennison ties it all together with snaky organ lines. Guitarist Patti Gran also plays with New Black, and […]

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Music Lessons

Dear Mr. Hayford: Re: your review, Mozart and Salieri [“Stretched Thin,” January 16]: “untrained”? Mozart had years of technical training by his father Leopold, the court composer/kapellmeister at Salzburg. Let’s hope your knowledge of the theater is greater than this. Yikes! Amber Ladeira W. Gunnison Justin Hayford replies: You’re correct. I meant to refer to […]