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Explicit Lyrics

This celebration of sexuality directed by Daryl Nitz has been remounted after a run last summer with one new cast member and some song changes–and it’s only gotten better. The three original singers and pianist Claire Bigley have been joined by fluid-voiced Ty Perry, who adds sexy panache to what was already a naughty romp. […]

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Critics in the UK have compared this ensemble comedy to Magnolia, Short Cuts, and Amores perros, but that’s a clear case of oversell: at 105 minutes, it operates on a much smaller scale than any of those ubernarratives. But Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe, who wrote the script, has an admirable sense of dramatic proportion that […]

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Rhonda Vincent

Although Missouri-born Rhonda Vincent has been a showbiz professional for nearly four decades–she joined her family’s bluegrass act, the Sally Mountain Show, at the age of five and became its drummer at six–she feels she’s only come into her own as an artist in the last five years or so. “I came to a crossroads, […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories According to a December story in the Chicago Tribune, the nationwide anxiety over mad cow disease hasn’t affected business at a restaurant in Evansville, Indiana, that serves brain sandwiches, a traditional dish supposedly imported by the townspeople’s German ancestors; the most popular sandwich is fried cow brains on a bun. Said one hardy […]

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Stanislav Ioudenitch

The first performer in this season’s Rising Stars series at Ravinia is pianist Stanislav Ioudenitch, gold medalist at the 2001 Van Cliburn competition. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, he’s performed throughout the former Soviet republics and much of Europe and will make his Carnegie Hall debut in April. His only recording to date is the Harmonia […]

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The Author’s Voice; Out at Sea

THE AUTHOR’S VOICE and OUT AT SEA, Liquid Stage Theatre Collective, at Theatre Building Chicago. The comic choices Richard Greenberg makes in his trashy 1987 one-act are reminiscent of bad episodes of Bewitched. A would-be writer snags a big publishing contract thanks to a troll with a gift for words who does all his writing […]

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Jim Jarmusch’s Favorite Shorts

This shorts program was originally compiled for a personal appearance by director Jim Jarmusch at last December’s Movieside Film Festival but proved so popular that the organizers have scheduled an encore screening. It’s indicative of Jarmusch’s singular taste that all but two of these items–Sara Driver’s energetic documentary The Bowery (1994) and Hype Williams’s equally […]

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The Walking Wounded

American Dead American Theater Company Last May, when I reviewed Brett Neveu’s The Go, I said its quiet, unadorned, working-class realism reminded me of the early live television dramas, like Paddy Chayevsky’s Marty. With American Dead, Neveu has moved beyond mere reminiscence. Here he’s mastered and revived the thing itself, full out. There were times–especially […]

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Savage Love

I know you don’t want to hear this, Dan, but marriage is about babies. By supporting the baby industry–i.e., hetero baby producers–our government keeps the country populated. Gay people can’t reproduce, even if they can raise other hetero people’s kids (adoption) or use other people’s sperm (artificial insemination). But never–and I mean never–can two gay […]

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How to Murder a Mystery

Black Heart Procession The Tropics of Love DVD (Touch and Go) Black Heart Procession & Solbakken In the Fishtank 11 (Konkurrent) The Black Heart Procession’s 2002 concept album, Amore del Tropico, was a mild departure from their previous work–a bit more upbeat, a bit more up-tempo, with an actual title instead of a number. But […]