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Zodiac Killers

How anyone could live in sunny California and stay as chronically pissy as Greg Lowery, bassist and songwriter for the Zodiac Killers, I never want to find out. This band, formed in 1999, is the latest in the Lowery-brand line of spite squads, casts of would-be dangerous goombahs playing catchy, defiantly rudimentary garage punk and […]

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TRG Music Listings

Rock, Pop, Etc. Concerts A GRAPE DOPE, 11’S, JANET BEAN, PATTY MANNING, SAM PREKOP, XIANGGANG DELIGHT, EDWARD G. perform at a benefit concert accompanying the exhibit “Coming Clean.” Sat 5/15, noon-10 PM, Gallery Augusta, 1000 N. California. 773-278-4159. ANNIE & HENNA, THIS ROOM OCCUPIED, MIKE ROCK Fri 5/14, student center atrium, DePaul University, 1 E. […]

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Making Porn

MAKING PORN, at Theatre Building Chicago. Producer Caryn Horwitz brings this 1995 cash cow back to Chicago regularly, where the title and the show’s nudity ensure an audience. This tour of Ronnie Larsen’s literal expose of San Francisco’s gay video porn scene in the 1980s also features sweet-faced, hard-muscled Falcon Studios phenom Matthew Rush as […]

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The Truth Is No Excuse

It’s All True Timeline Theatre Company An extraordinary episode in American theater occurred on June 16, 1937. A nondescript truck arrived at about 6 PM in midtown Manhattan to deliver a beat-up piano. It had been ordered by Orson Welles and John Houseman–then directors of the burgeoning theater company Project 891–for opening night of Marc […]

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The Chorus Rebellion

THE CHORUS REBELLION, Breadline Theatre Group. Paul Kampf’s 1999 parody of Greek tragedy suggested the irreverent anarchy of classical lit students on a postfinals spree. Recent improvements in Breadline Theatre’s facilities make this newly revised production more appealing and commercially viable, as if the same rambunctious scholars were now staging their own version of Forbidden […]

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Music Without a Map

Nat Pwe: Burma’s Carnival of Spirit Soul DVD Jemaa el Fna: Morocco’s Rendezvous of the Dead, Night Music of Marrakech DVD Folk Music of the Sahara: Among the Tuareg of Libya DVD and other releases on the Sublime Frequencies label On my first visit to Turkey a decade ago my efforts to find the sort […]

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Nearly every time I’ve seen Antietam, there’s come a moment when guitarist Tara Key and bassist Tim Harris, the husband-and-wife team who’ve been this Hoboken band’s axis for 20 years, stand back-to-back and lean into each other–hard. Inevitably one or both end up staggering across the stage. It sounds corny, but it’s a hoot to […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story A 23-year-old man in Hartland, Maine, was taken to the hospital in March after attempting to crucify himself. According to an account in the Portland Press Herald, he built a wooden cross, laid it on the floor, and nailed one of his hands to it. “When he realized that he was unable to […]

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CLOUDS, Dog & Pony Theatre Company, at the Chicago Cultural Center. It’s hard to believe there’s a connection between Benefactors and Noises Off! The former play is a funny-as-a-heart-attack satire on liberal good intentions in postimperial England, the latter a door-slamming farce about a theater troupe touring in a door-slamming farce. Two different sensibilities entirely, […]