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Danger Mouse & Jemini

Only time will tell if the career of LA hip-hop producer Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton, will outlast the buzz surrounding The Grey Album, his audacious mash-up of Jay-Z’s Black Album and the Beatles’ White Album. Burton didn’t bother getting clearance for the Beatles samples, but neither did he make commercial use of them: he […]

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Patty Loveless

A buddy and I fell into disputation about Patty Loveless. “The woods are thick with ersatz crossroads divas,” he complained, “whose rediscovery of their roots occurs about 20 seconds after their pop-country careers fall apart.” You’re nuts, I replied. It’s true, Loveless went slutting after mainstream airplay and then repented, but this is proof of […]

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The Time Trial

THE TIME TRIAL, Steep Theatre Company. Jack Gilhooley’s play about the stuck lives of small-town southern youth is undercut by caricature: the women are easy, the men are violent, and everybody is brainless. Seven friends high on booze and pot watch the time trial of a car-racing champion who’s returned to town. Gilhooley hammers home […]

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Printers Row Book Fair

This weekend the 20th annual Printers Row Book Fair will gather more than 160 exhibitors, including booksellers, publishers, and literary organizations, on Dearborn between Congress and Polk and along Polk between Plymouth Court and Clark. In addition to the new, used, and collectible books offered for sale, the fair features dozens of readings and signings […]

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Savage Love

My problem starts when I get an erection. Within seconds my cock starts to dribble this clear, sticky liquid. This happens every time I get stiff. I guess I thought it was normal. I’ve had no other cock problems, and sex has always been great and it all works like it should. None of my […]

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On their most recent release, The Tain (Acuarela), the Decemberists have cast a pall over the relatively sunny pop that’s won the band such a dedicated following over the past two years. The Tain is a five-part, 18-minute song cycle loosely based on a pre-Christian Irish epic, whose young hero, Cuchulainn, turns the tide in […]

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Chicago Blues Festival

CHICAGO BLUES FESTIVAL offers music on five stages in Grant Park: the Juke Joint Stage (Columbus & Jackson), the Front Porch Stage (Columbus & Jackson), the Crossroads Stage (Jackson & Lake Shore Drive), the Showcase Stage (Columbus & Jackson), and the Petrillo Music Shell. The Route 66 Stage (Columbus & Jackson) features speakers and discussions. […]

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Spot Check

BELIEVER MAGAZINE PARTY FEATURING THE MOUNTAIN GOATS 6/4, EMPTY BOTTLE Believer is the latest publication to emerge from the big McSweeney’s tent, a monthly books magazine heavy on the sort of tidy, vaguely 19th-century visuals that make McSweeney’s itself so instantly recognizable (and so easy to parody). If you let the smug in-crowd feel of […]

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Moonlight and Magnolias

This ribald, eloquent new play by Ron Hutchinson dramatizes–and enlarges for comic effect–a marathon writing session undertaken in 1939 by film producer David O. Selznick, script doctor Ben Hecht, and director Victor Fleming. Sequestered in Selznick’s office with only bananas and peanuts to eat, the trio cobbled together a screenplay for the movie Gone With […]