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Yes Men

A Dublin Bloom Irish Repertory at Victory Gardens Theater When I was young I used to carry around a copy of James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I told myself I wanted to be like Joyce’s protagonist, Stephen Dedalus, and “forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience […]

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Savage Love

I know this isn’t a sexy or even remotely enjoyable subject, but I could really use your advice. I’m an 18-year-old girl, though I can easily pass for 25. I’m pretty attractive (though I think everyone has things about them they would change), thin, and altogether relatively normal, although I graduated high school early. As […]

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Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Luna Negra Dance Theater at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, May 13-16, 20-23 It’s rarely the function of a finale to point up the missed opportunities in everything that preceded it, but that was the role played by Batucada fantastica in Luna Negra Dance Theater’s recent concert. A succession of solos with a […]

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On Film: John Woo hits Chicago

Two-fisted gunslingers, Mexican standoffs, and slow-motion bloodbaths are his stock-in-trade, but when he received the 1998 MTV Movie Award for best action sequence John Woo confessed, “The two things I’m most afraid of are accepting awards and talking in front of people.” This weekend the Hong Kong auteur turned Hollywood player will have to confront […]

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Spot Check

DKT/MC5 6/11, METRO Guitarist Wayne Kramer seems to have won this round of his turf battle with a pair of Chicago filmmakers over the MC5’s documentary legacy (see Peter Margasak’s Reader cover story from April), so the band has something resembling a new release to plug: Sonic Revolution: A Celebration of the MC5, due out […]

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A3: This Time It’s Awesome

A3: THIS TIME IT’S AWESOME, Awesome Show, at ImprovOlympic. Peter Gwinn and Meagan O’Brien’s 45-minute revue suggests what can be great and not so great about sketch comedy. What’s great is its plethora of fresh ideas: acting students working at Starbucks, serving up lattes and Meisner exercises; two Abu Ghraib prisoners laughing at guards so […]

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African Diaspora Film Festival

The second annual African Diaspora Film Festival, which debuted in Chicago last year after more than a decade in New York City, runs Friday through Thursday, June 11 through 17, at Facets Cinematheque. Tickets are $9, $5 for Facets members; for more information call 773-281-4114 or consult Films marked with an asterisk (*) are […]

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Susanna Coffey

Susanna Coffey, who teaches at the School of the Art Institute, has been painting self-portraits for many years, but the eight at Maya Polsky, shown with ten small flower paintings, are apocalyptic–it isn’t hard to see they’re haunted by 9/11 even without knowing that Coffey lives part of the year in lower Manhattan. In Fall […]

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Jesse Malin

On the surface, New York singer-songwriter Jesse Malin’s persona seems a simple enough amalgam of dueling De Niros: the fast-talking fuckup (Mean Streets’ Johnny Boy) and the alienated loner (Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle). But the real key to both Malin’s strengths and weaknesses lies in his past: prior to his current incarnation as a Lower […]

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The Big Animal

A circus camel, abandoned on the outskirts of a small Polish town, appears at the front gate of a middle-aged bank clerk (Jerzy Stuhr) and his wife (Anna Dymna), who adopt the exotic animal and find their drab lives infused with joy and possibility. The townspeople share their delight at first but gradually turn against […]