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Open-Air Screenings

All screenings are free and, unless otherwise noted, will be shown by video projection as part of the Chicago Park District’s “Movies in the Park” series. See listings for capsule reviews. Films marked with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended. The Cat in the Hat Peterson Park, 5801 N. Pulaski, Friday, August 13, 8:30, 312-742-7584 […]

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Behind the Veils

Antonio Carreno at G.R. N’Namdi, through August 31 Abstract art often offers the mind freedom, as mysterious forms encourage the viewer to embark on an imaginative journey. And Antonio Carreno’s 12 seductive paintings at G.R. N’Namdi do invite the spectator “to create his own interpretation,” as the artist himself has said. The soft-edged, earth-colored, often […]

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Thanks for the Memoirs

Dear Reader, I have gotten the Reader every week for a number of years–and though I always enjoy them (and learn various informatively interesting things)–I had not written to the Reader until now, to say how greatly much that I enjoyed Lee Sandlin’s series “The Distancers” [April 30-July 23]. It was vividly and poignantly written […]

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Savage Love

Visiting my home state, I went to a favorite store where folks buy porn, buy sex toys, or sit in “private” booths and watch XXX videos. It’s always crawling with gay men such as myself, looking for sex. In the parking lot I ran into my stepfather of 12 years, a man who married my […]

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Chasing the Radio

CHASING THE RADIO, Fillet of Solo Festival, Live Bait Theater. This evening of monologues by three cops from Police-Teen Link–Live Bait’s collaborative group bringing law-enforcement officers and teenagers together–attempts a blend of social experiment and grassroots art making. And at their best, these rough, heart-on-the-sleeve reminiscences represent a kind of humanizing outreach to civilian audiences, […]

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Who Paid for the Study?

It’s a shame that no one seems to have done a cost/risk analysis regarding the Berwyn cell phone tower situation [“Antenna Invasion,” July 23]. The revenue from the antennas placed on Saint Mary of Celle Catholic Parish and School boils down to only $9.37 per month per student. For this small amount of revenue, the […]

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Veteran independent media analyst Danny Schechter presents a comprehensive and devastating critique of the TV news networks’ complacency and complicity in the war on Iraq. The video begins with a parody of Apocalypse Now that’s as funny as anything by Michael Moore, but Schechter means business, and this quickly turns to a rigorous dissection of […]

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Spot Check

BURNING BRIDES 8/13, BOTTOM LOUNGE Making big loud rawk these days is too often just a matter of assembling cliches in an aesthetically pleasing way–like flower arranging, it’s an “art,” but, you know, whoopee. This Philadelphia trio’s debut, Fall of the Plastic Empire, managed to add up to more than the sum of its parts, […]

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All Hail the Coochie II: The One Coloredgirl Coochie Self Determination Circus

ALL HAIL THE COOCHIE II: THE ONE COLOREDGIRL COOCHIE SELF DETERMINATION CIRCUS, at Acme Art Works. This multimedia performance-cum-lecture on women’s sexuality by educator and spoken-word artist Sharon L. Powell is nowhere near as, um, fuzzy in its politics as The Vagina Monologues. Far more ribald, it’s also more specific about how to create a […]

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City File

“A great chance to educate the public has been botched in Chicago,” fumes Jed Perl in the New Republic (July 26), panning the video-intensive Art Institute exhibit “Seurat and the Making of La Grande Jatte.” He blames marketing. “The video screens, the digitalized rehashings of the painting, the photo murals, the jazzed-up gallery architecture, and […]