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In a perfect world, the Waxwings would be known solely for their music. Repurposing 60s rock is a familiar enough tactic these days, but the Detroit quartet’s genuine enthusiasm sets them apart from other similarly inclined groups: the sound of their first two albums–Low to the Ground (2000) and Shadows of the Waxwings (2002)–is the […]

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The Sunshine Boys

THE SUNSHINE BOYS, Drury Lane Oakbrook. In his ungainly 1972 Broadway hit, Neil Simon seemed to be making the point that good comedy transcends the ages–though time has arguably drained his script of its social currency. The Sunshine Boys, which follows two cranky coots trying to preserve their legacy as America’s top vaudeville team, might […]

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Open-Air Screenings

All screenings are free and, unless otherwise noted, will be shown by video projection as part of the Chicago Park District’s “Movies in the Park” series. See listings for capsule reviews. Films marked with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended. Forrest Gump Loyola Park, 1230 W. Greenleaf, Friday, August 20, 8:00, 312-742-7857 * Guys and […]

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When an Alien Jumps a Shark, Who Wins?

There’s a scene in Predator 2 (1990) in which the police detective played by Danny Glover rummages through the trophies of the man-killing, invisibility-cloaked hunter from space and pauses over the elongated skull of one of the beasties from the Alien franchise. I remember this only because it’s pretty much the high point of that […]

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Savage Love

I am a 26-year-old gay guy with a strange fetish. Mine feels like it’s the strangest one out there, because I’ve never read anything about it anywhere. Consequently, I’ve always felt embarrassed and ashamed about it. Even before I was consciously aware of my attractions to guys, I was aroused by bread. My sexual attraction […]

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I’ve noticed something about artists born in the 80s. It’s as if the Internet has ruined their lives–with all the ugliness of the world at their fingertips, they seem to want to retreat into childhood, and much of their work is suffused with the cheery colors of Saturday-morning cartoons and the naive simplicity of eight-bit […]

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Spot Check

PAUL THORN 8/20, SCHUBAS On his fourth studio album, the brand-new Are You With Me? (Back Porch), this Mississippi singer-songwriter plays laid-back, down-home pop blues, a little like a grittier Jimmy Buffett. But despite the lack of urgency, the music’s neither hokey nor lazy–Thorn’s meditations on love and loss are worldly and wry. I particularly […]

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Papa’s Got a Brand New Baghdad

PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAGHDAD, Second City Outreach, at Donny’s Skybox Studio. Flimsy characterizations are often to blame when improv doesn’t work. But that’s not the problem with Second City Outreach’s mediocre new offering. Pasha Stanford has the kind of Silly Putty malleability that sells her big reactions, particularly playing a naive neighbor opposite […]

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Bebel Gilberto

Tanto tempo, the million-selling debut of Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, wasn’t just a fine record: it brought bossa nova, the form pioneered by her dad, Joao, to a whole new audience. The polished electronic production of Suba and guest knob twirlers like Mario Caldato Jr., Amon Tobin, and Thievery Corporation helped recast a vintage Latin […]