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Alex Kotlowitz

Oak Park-based journalist Alex Kotlowitz tackled race and urban poverty in his acclaimed books There Are No Children Here and The Other Side of the River, but he gets to chill–a bit–in his latest, Never a City So Real: A Walk in Chicago, published as part of the “Crown Journeys” series of literary travelogues. Shunning […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In June the director of Thailand’s corrections system, in search of a way to discourage inmates from betting on the European soccer championships, scheduled a match against outsiders: trained elephants from Ayuthaya Elephant Palace. “They are not the best players because they are quite slow,” one of the elephants’ trainers said. “But they […]

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A Correction

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in response to last week’s feature story, “The Eyewitness” written by Grant Pick [August 27]. Although Mr. Pick did a reasonably competent job of summarizing the highly fact-intensive case of the People of the State of Illinois v. Jason Gray, Mr. Pick made several factual misstatements to which […]

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Chuck Prophet, Old 97’s

Since Chuck Prophet released the bleak masterpiece Homemade Blood in 1997, bringing down the curtain on the alt-country and roots-rock stage of his solo career, his music has come to encompass a dizzying array of styles. Multigenre hybrids like 1999’s The Hurting Business and 2002’s No Other Love nodded to influences as diverse as Bobbie […]

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Shallots Keeps It Kosher in Skokie When Shallots’ five-year lease expired in January, the rent on its Clark Street space in Lincoln Park doubled. So owners and chefs Laura Frankel and Dennis Wasko packed up their kosher kitchen and moved it to Skokie, where the new SHALLOTS BISTRO opened in June. Skokie seems a natural […]

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Savage Love

Dear Readers: Last week we were treated to the childhood sexual misconceptions of my male readers–a shocking number of which involved piss. This week it’s the girls’ turn. My grandma on my dad’s side liked to come in while I was sitting on the toilet, doing number two, and tell me, “That’s how your mommy […]

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Shallow Gallo

If you follow entertainment news with any regularity, you’re probably already familiar with The Brown Bunny. Last year it caused an uproar at Cannes with its graphic three-minute sequence of writer-producer-director-cinematographer-editor-star Vincent Gallo being hungrily fellated by Chloe Sevigny. The filmmaker subsequently got into a highly publicized feud with Roger Ebert, who had called The […]

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Children of the 80s

Re: Liz Armstrong’s Yacht review [Section Three, August 20] Liz Armstrong is right on the money. Previous quarter-pumping action does not pass for paying dues. Modest mouse manipulation makes most meager minds more mired. The 80s ate their children; 88 lives per hour. We children of the 80s are stuck going backward, thinking we’ll eventually […]

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Sport for Sport’s Sake

NBC promoted its coverage of the summer Olympics in Athens as a grand experiment. For the first time it would put all 28 Olympic sports out there for the U.S. television audience that claimed to want them all. The message, in effect, was “If you air it they will come,” though “Put up or shut […]