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These three Japanese rocker girls, purveyors of snarly-sweet prom-dress-and-leather surf punk since 1986, haven’t released an album of new material since 2002’s Teenage Mojo Workout (Bomba), but they’re on the road and working a handful of reissues thanks to Quentin Tarantino, who gave them an on-screen cameo and sound-track slot in Kill Bill–Vol. 1 and […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In June two men and a woman brought the corpse of Thozamile Patrick Apolis, seated in a wheelchair, into a First National Bank in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and tried to “help” him withdraw his pension. When the teller asked for Apolis’s signature, the three explained that he was sick and they were […]

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Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks started out in the mid-90s as fantastically dippy as PLUR ravers–but instead of blathering about Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, they carried on about crop circles, tarot, auras, the Pleiades, magick, voodoo, Atlantis, vortices, and suchlike. But with each release they sound like they’ve degenerated a little more into straight-up thugs–even Ikon […]

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Somebody Say Amen (The History and Music of Great Gospel Women)

Flawlessly inaugurating the 29-year-old Black Ensemble Theater’s new “season of women,” Jackie Taylor’s musical tribute to four sisters, two granddaughters, and the Chicago matriarch who keeps them all together is a superb saga of survival. This sweet show–which includes gorgeous gospel classics as well as six new rousers written by Taylor–makes a splendid showcase for […]

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Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival

The 16th annual Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival continues through Sunday, September 26, at Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark, and Cinema Borealis, 1550 N. Milwaukee. For more information call 773-293-1447 or visit Five of the remaining six programs are strong enough to recommend. Most don’t have an overriding theme, though several of […]

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Mouse Cop

Though Eric Pfeffinger’s world-premiere satire on homeland security and paranoia is slow to catch fire in Kimberly Senior’s staging for Noble Fool Theatricals, ultimately it proves a sly treat. The first act approaches sitcom territory, as a high-energy operative for the feds (Kathleen Logelin) and her slacker husband (John Gawlik) alternately bicker and bond over […]

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Bald Grace, Pirate Queen

Grace O’Malley was a ferocious 16th-century pirate who captained her own ship into her 70s, plundering other vessels off the coast of Ireland. But Stockyard Theatre Project’s production of Marki Shalloe’s play is landlocked; we see Grace drinking mead she stole during her expeditions, but until the very end, when she meets Queen Elizabeth, she […]

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Rhinoceros Theater Festival

The Curious Theatre Branch’s 15th annual showcase of experimental theater, performance, and music from Chicago’s fringe runs through 11/20 at the Curious Theatre Branch, 7001 N. Glenwood. Admission is $12 or “pay what you can”; for information and reservations, call 773-274-6660. Following is the schedule through 9/27; a complete schedule is available online at […]