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Heather Woodbury

The beauty of Heather Woodbury’s performances is the way she summons up many different characters just by changing the tone of her voice, adding a few accessories, and modifying her body language. In her impressive multinight piece, What Ever (An American Odyssey in 8 Acts), she’s able to flip between the ten main characters and […]

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Les parents terribles

Jean Cocteau’s 1948 French feature, adapted from a play produced a decade earlier, is both a lesson in mise en scene and an illustration of the paradox that accentuating the theatrical aspects of theater on-screen can make them quintessentially cinematic. (To my knowledge the only other film that does this to the same degree is […]

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The Straight Dope

Did John F. Kennedy really write Profiles in Courage? I read that there were rumors at the time of its publication that it had been ghostwritten, and that the Kennedy family later conceded as much. Recently I visited and was surprised to see online reviews posted by readers praising the president for his fine […]

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Friday 11/7 – Thursday 11/13 NOVEMBER 7 FRIDAY “I can’t put on a resume that I’ve been raped, beaten, and sexually abused by men,” says former prostitute Brenda Myers. “You can’t get a job with that.” Myers spent 25 years working the streets before coming to Genesis House for help seven years ago. Now a […]

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Karen Carroll

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from vocalist Karen Carroll, either in person or on record: she’s been living in Germany since 1997, the same year her most recent recording, Talk to the Hand (Delmark), came out. Carroll was born in Chicago in 1958; her mother, Jeanne Carroll, is a respected jazz and blues […]

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Chicago Humanities Festival

The 14th annual Chicago Humanities Festival, this year themed “Saving + Spending,” continues Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9, offering dozens of lectures, readings, and discussions by writers, artists, and scholars (see schedule below) as well as films by director Costa-Gavras at Facets Cinematheque and theatrical and musical performances (see separate listings in this […]

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Tracy Kidder

There’s a journalistic truism: only once you’ve mastered the rules of reporting and storytelling are you allowed to break them. In Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize-winning guru of nonfiction narrative, breaks the cardinal rule of objectivity, weaving the story of his own quiet enlightenment into his account of the life and work of […]

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Luna Negra Dance Theater

“You’re trying to listen to each other,” artistic director Eduardo Vilaro tells his dancer and a pianist during a rehearsal. “Don’t. When we first started, the piece was really jagged. I liked that.” Vilaro’s comments are unusual but perhaps not surprising given that his new solo–Mujer Llorando (“Weeping Woman”)–was inspired by Picasso’s cubist painting of […]

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Baby Jane Dexter

In her first Chicago engagement in two years, New York cabaret artist Baby Jane Dexter ranges from rock songs to standards, relying more on familiar fare than she has in the past. Her new show, Another Spring (Then and Now), includes the Blood, Sweat & Tears hit “Spinning Wheel,” the Beatles’ “Got to Get You […]