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I am so glad that I got to see Los Angeles Plays Itself at the Siskel Center [“LA Existential,” October 1]. I have never left a movie needing to be grounded in a sense of location before. Being able to see a busy city block with a bustling diversity of people, along with a vibrant […]

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Liz Lover

Dear editor, OK, so after Mr. Skvoretz’s contribution [Letters, November 26] to the short stack of boring haters who’ve written in to your fine music section solely to berate one Liz Armstrong (or Anderson, if they prefer), I felt it was time to finally add my two cents. For starters, Armstrong’s review of Gil Mantera’s […]

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The Straight Dope

Was Einstein a plagiarist? Several articles have been written saying he was. What do you think? –mcsage1, via e-mail This letter will raise two questions in the mind of the average reader: 1. You mean to tell me that in 1905, when Albert Einstein published his groundbreaking paper, there were, assuming that every cribber requires […]

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I Shot Myself

Dear Jonathan, Thanks for your insightful article about Bright Leaves and for making it the “pick of the week” [“Smoke and Mirrors,” December 3]. I believe that helped quite a bit in boosting attendance that first weekend. Just wanted to point out one extremely minor but interesting factual error in your review. You state that […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Jason Rodd, clocked at 90 mph on Interstate 91 near Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, in November, allegedly tried to evade police by pulling off the highway into a farmer’s field and turning off his headlights. However, apparently unable to see very well, he drove into a manure pit, immobilizing his car; he was tracked […]

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The SantaLand Diaries

Like much of David Sedaris’s best work, this piece revolves around the narrator’s self-loathing and his waspish disdain for people who are even worse than he is: everyone he meets. So turning his monologue about a hellish holiday job at Macy’s into a concert reading with seven actors playing the characters is odd–it dilutes the […]

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Savage Love

I’m a woman in an LTR. Recently I had a discussion about anal sex with my guy. Knowing that I was a little nervous, he was GGG and let me experiment on him first. Well, it worked out great, and we both found pleasure in anal play. However, last time I was fingering him I […]

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Closing Soon

Lisa Krivacka’s show at Aron Packer, “Open House,” includes 27 small paintings inspired by the real estate ads she ran across while looking for a home in upstate New York. Printed on the paintings are owners’ typical optimistic descriptions, which also often serve as the titles, but the sensuous colors and personality she gives these […]

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Hotel Rwanda

Ten years after the Rwandan genocide that took nearly a million lives, writer-director Terry George tells the story of real-life hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina, who took advantage of the UN forces guarding his four-star hotel to grant refuge to 1,268 Tutsis and Hutu moderates. George has said that Rusesabagina and his wife “shame us all […]