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The Straight Dope

Various health and yoga Web sites claim that iceberg lettuce contains chemicals similar to laudanum, morphine, or other opiates. There are also reports of people being admitted to hospitals after injecting themselves with lettuce extracts and papers about smoking lettuce. I have found no information about the chemical constitution of lettuce that mentions morphine or […]

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Lightbox Orchestra

In an interview last year with the Web zine Perfect Sound Forever, Chicago composer and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm characterized himself as a “basic research kind of guy”–he’s as excited by the process of working with musicians as he is by the results. That philosophy is especially evident in his Lightbox Orchestra, where he conducts mostly […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Criminals who accidentally leave ID at the scene of the crime are officially “No Longer Weird” (see below), but it was nevertheless remarkable that in two separate incidents on the night of November 4 in Rapid City, South Dakota, burglary suspects not only left their wallets behind but at some point removed their […]

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Winston Choi

Like all the pianists in Northwestern University’s Transcendental Piano Series, Winston Choi will perform some of the most technically daunting works composed for the instrument. Choi, who’s studied with Menahem Pressler and is now studying with Ursula Oppens, is best known for playing new music. He’s already won the 2002 Orleans International 20th-Century Piano Competition […]

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Savage Love

Being one of those poor, uninsured types, I went to the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco to get some stuff in my throat checked out. I described my problems–weird tonsil spots and a lump in the back of my throat–to the evening’s practitioner and said that I’d felt around back there with my […]