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Paths of Glory

The 1957 film that established Stanley Kubrick’s reputation, adapted by Kubrick, Calder Willingham, and Jim Thompson from Humphrey Cobb’s novel about French soldiers being tried for cowardice during World War I. Corrosively antiwar in its treatment of the corruption and incompetence of military commanders, it’s far from pacifist in spirit, and Kirk Douglas’s strong and […]

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Savage Love

One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with HIV. Since college he’s been on an unending sex conquest, hooking up with countless guys he meets online to engage in risky activities. My concern is that he doesn’t seem fazed by his HIV diagnosis and says he has no intention of giving up his online […]

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The Birdpeople

Like most well-made documentaries, this 2004 film presents its subject from a variety of angles: birders in New York’s Central Park together with telephoto close-ups of their quarry, stuffed birds seen alone and in museum dioramas, a search for the presumedly extinct ivory-billed woodpecker, an affecting text about a woodpecker’s nearly successful attempt at pecking […]

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Brett Bloom and Ava Bromberg

In 2003, Chicago artist Brett Bloom became the first resident of Seattle’s Cottage Park, a cluster of three rehabbed cottages next to a community garden in the city’s Belltown neighborhood. Formerly dominated by dive bars, missions, and low-income housing, Belltown underwent rapid gentrification during the city’s mid-90s economic boom. The garden and the cottages, which […]

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[snip] “I did not hear Mr. Gonzales repudiate two and a half years of official U.S. policy, which has defined torture so narrowly that only [practices leading to] organ failure and death would qualify,” said Senator Barack Obama on the Senate floor February 3, explaining why he voted against confirming the nominee for attorney general. […]

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The Treatment

Friday 25 DJ HELL For some, the luxury, gluttony, and debauchery of 2002’s electro surge was just a fad. To the former Helmut Geier–jet-setting Eurotrash DJ/producer and owner of Eurotrashy jet-setter label International Deejay Gigolos–it’s a way of life. The evolution of the label’s logo says it all about Hell’s sleazy, oiled-up aesthetic: he used […]

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The Divine Order of Becoming

Carla Stillwell’s new play about what we learn when a loved one gets sick is full of lovely intimate moments between mother and daughter: learning to bake, giving a home perm, fighting over doing chores. As directed by Kim Crutcher for the Ma’at Production Association of Afrikan Centered Theatre (MPAACT), these scenes are performed beautifully […]