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Make Believe, The Narrator

The members of the local quartet THE NARRATOR–vocalists-guitarists Sam Axelrod and Jesse Woghin, bassist James Barron, and drummer Nate Heneghan–clearly draw inspiration from Chicago’s post-rock and emo scenes, but they skillfully avoid the wankiness and the melodrama that can make those subgenres so tiresome. A 2003 single and an explosive 2004 EP, Youth City Fire, […]

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Taste of Chicago

In addition to all that food, Taste of Chicago features music on several Grant Park stages: the Fox Bandstand (Jackson & Lake Shore Dr.), the Fun Time Stage (Michigan & Balbo), the Taste Stage (Columbus & Jackson), and the Petrillo Music Shell. For more information, call 312-744-3315. THURSDAY 30 Fox Bandstand 11:30 Janesville 2:00 Rob […]

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In this self-consciously contemporary adaptation of the protofeminist 1879 classic, Rebecca Gilman offers Ibsen by way of Ann Beattie: the script is peppered with references to phenomena like Enron, Vicodin addiction, and stem-cell research. But Gilman never makes a convincing case that her Nora, a Lincoln Park trophy wife who somehow doesn’t have her own […]

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Homey Italian, Traditional Vietnamese, and Breakfast Like They Do It in Europe

Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N. Clark 773-506-2662 My first apartment in Chicago was on West Dakin, just around the corner from Anna Maria Pasteria. I was usually broke, but when I did have a few extra dollars this low-key Italian restaurant on Broadway was my default “nice” place. The neighborhood was still a couple of […]

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Out Among the Dragons

Dan Noonan’s new semiautobiographical script is a minor miracle, avoiding the pitfalls that hobble so many AIDS plays. Melodramatic pity, facile moralizing, and PC proselytizing have no place in this piece about Patrick, a nebbishy HIV-positive hemophiliac searching for love in his doctor’s waiting room. Instead Noonan turns a TV-movie premise into a carefully observed […]

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Jess Klein, Ana Egge

Singer-songwriter Ana Egge isn’t quite 30 years old, but her husky voice has the worldliness of a musician twice her age, and most of the songs on her fourth album, Out Past the Lights (Grace/ParkinSong), sound like the musings of a battle-scarred survivor. Her delicate acoustic arpeggios, boxy chord progressions, and ebullient pop-folk leads could […]

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The Epoxies don’t do a thing that wasn’t done to death by 1987, but if you still care about that after you’ve heard them, you’re too jaded for your own good. These Portland neo-new wavers play pop punk splashed with Doctor Who synths and space-laser noises, and their sci-fi-influenced lyrics attack consumerism, crummy jobs, and […]

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Critter Obsessed

The first animal that Irene Hardwicke Olivieri incorporated in her work was a walking stick, found when she was an undergrad in Texas. “They’re pretty amazing,” she says. “They have a record copulating time among insects of 72 hours, and they’re capable of parthenogenesis.” She kept it in a terrarium for a while, reading everything […]