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Band Geeks: A Half Time Musical

Comedically capturing the frustration and self-absorption of teenagers, Band Geeks is an amalgam of teen angst and sports movie tropes with some Revenge of the Nerds-style raging-hormones humor thrown in for the late-night crowd. Becky Eldridge and Amy Petersen’s thin book plays on 80s stereotypes and the antagonism between music geeks and jocks, while Andy […]

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My Richard

Playwrights Jed Alexander and Joe Kendall must be trying to set a weight record with their concept-heavy Shakespeare. My Richard is a fictional dress rehearsal of a one-man adaptation of Richard III performed by Glen the schizophrenic, whose “mental deformity” is meant to parallel the murderous king’s physical one. The 50-minute script is sketchy and […]

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The Beautiful Country

A young Vietnamese teenager, shunned because of his Amerasian features, journeys to Saigon in 1990 to find his disgraced Vietnamese mother, then to America to track down his father, a soldier from Texas who disappeared shortly before the war ended. Too poor to pay for the trip, the young man (Damien Nguyen) winds up as […]

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Pernice Brothers

Sometimes I wonder if the Pernice Brothers ought to rehearse under suicide watch. One of their T-shirts bears the slogan i hate my life, and the mini comic that came with preordered copies of their latest and possibly greatest CD, Discover a Lovelier You (Ashmont), depicts the band sitting around backstage debating the best ways […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Michael Sullivan, 41, and Joseph Seidl, 39, were arrested on drug trafficking charges after being pulled over for speeding on Interstate 70 in Kingdom City, Missouri, in June. In the trunk of the car state troopers found a three-foot model rocket containing more than two pounds of methamphetamine, worth about $145,000; it was […]