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By now Ingmar Bergman has concocted many a postscript to his illustrious career. What makes this masterful if sprawling 2003 sequel to Scenes From a Marriage (1973) remarkable is that at the director’s insistence it was shot and is being shown on digital video. This matters because, in spite of Bergman’s consummate skill with his […]

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Northalsted Market Days

Northalsted Market Days features music on three stages along Halsted: one at Belmont, one at Roscoe, and one at Addison. A $6 donation is requested; for more information call 773-868-3010 or see SATURDAY 6 Belmont Stage Noon Catfight 3:00 Eric Himan 4:35 R.O.T.C 5:00 Jinx Titanic 7:00 Kimi Hayes 9:00 Judy Tenuta Roscoe Stage […]

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It Parodies Consumerism and the Self-Help Industry–But Can It Slice Through This Tin Can?

Satre Stuelke’s three big, goofy faux appliances at Aron Packer promise to improve your life. One supposedly measures charisma, and the two titled KarizMatic guarantee “a dramatic increase in charisma” if you sit in front of them five minutes a day. After moving from Baltimore to New York in 2001, Stuelke couldn’t afford a space […]

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Ana Laan

Born in Madrid and raised in Stockholm, Ana Laan creates a sophisticated brand of internationalist pop; like Bjork and Bebel Gilberto, she takes sounds from a multitude of traditions and makes them her own. Though her father is Swedish and her mother is American, she sings most of the songs on her stunning 2004 debut, […]

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Since I’ve Been Gone

“Smoking is one of my bad habits,” Paula Killen says near the beginning of her new show. “So is missing Chicago.” A fixture on the early- to mid-90s performance scene, Killen decamped for Los Angeles several years ago. Since then, having struggled with single motherhood and encroaching middle age, she’s discovered a truth many before […]

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I Play It Straight

A few words for Jerry Boyle, regarding his response [Letters, July 29] to my initial letter [July 15]: There is a significant difference between lacking the capability to communicate subtly and lacking the desire. Proud to be Wicker Park’s resident hysterical, self-righteous jerk. Ellie Maybe

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Exploding Star Orchestra

As the architect of the Chicago Underground collective during the 90s–heading bands ranging in size from a duo to the five-piece Chicago Underground Orchestra–cornetist Rob Mazurek accomplished the tricky task of attracting both radicals and conservatives. Often working with like-minded guitarist Jeff Parker, he kneads an almost quaint lyricism into modernist, even experimental investigations of […]

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Danny Barnes

I passionately loved Danny Barnes’s old band the Bad Livers, a trio of punk-ass bluegrass terrors who tipped all the tradition’s sacred cows and tweaked every whacked-out cracker stereotype with such vicious irony it’d give you whiplash. Once they’d ridden that shtick as far as it’d go, they blasted it to shreds with a mesmerizingly […]