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Pick Your War Zone

Ben Joravsky does a thorough job of assessing the flap over inserting a naval academy into Senn High School, treated as a matter of local involvement (or lack thereof) and of triage of educational resources among various stakeholders (“School for Sale,” October 15). Five years ago this might have been state-of-the-art analysis, although even then […]

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Can You Hear Their Voices?

Hallie Flanagan was a professor at Vassar when she and Margaret Clifford, a former student, wrote and produced this 1931 drama. A “living newspaper” play that weaves journalists’ statistics and stories into a tale about anguished regular folk, the work is rarely performed nowadays. But Jacob Juntsen and director Bernadine Ann Tippit have adapted the […]

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Rhinoceros Theater Festival

The Curious Theatre Branch’s 15th annual showcase of experimental theater, performance, and music from Chicago’s fringe runs through 11/20 at the Curious Theatre Branch, 7001 N. Glenwood. Admission is $12 or “pay what you can”; for information and reservations, call 773-274-6660. Following is the schedule through 11/01; a complete schedule is available online at […]

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Letters to the President

There’s a buttload of politically inspired offerings on local stages right now, but Michael Garvey’s late-night solo show is something different, neither a hard-hitting satire nor a histrionic gripefest. Instead, in just under an hour, he poignantly raises a question familiar to many Americans since the 2000 election debacle–do we belong in this country anymore?–by […]

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Savage Love

I have a serious problem. I am pregnant with a boy. At first my husband and I were in agreement that we would not circumcise him. I have read that the foreskin is comparable to a clit–it houses all the nerves that make sex more pleasurable. But now my husband says he has changed his […]

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If It Bleeds, It Leads

The second scripted effort from Triplette–a trio of women who’ve improvised together since 1998–reveals their tight, trusting collaboration and true-to-life characters. We want to laugh long and hard, but it’s not easy at this late-night sketch-comedy show. The opening is sharp, as competing newscasts emphasize sex and violence, but when the three turn to a […]

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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

In a program note, Side Project adapter Adam Webster describes Stephen Crane’s 1893 novel about hardscrabble immigrant life in New York’s Bowery as a love story. He even has Crane wander about reading love letters. True, one of the book’s main plot lines is a budding romance between impossibly naive Maggie–who “blossoms in a muddle […]