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Psychic TV

Thirteen years ago Scotland Yard raided Genesis P-Orridge’s home while his longest-running band, Psychic TV, was spending its royalties feeding the poor in Nepal. His print and video archives were declared apocalyptically pornographic, and fearing arrest he exiled himself to the States rather than return to England. After years of relative obscurity, he’s assembled a […]

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Eiko & Koma

It’s difficult to describe what this iconic husband-and-wife team, natives of Japan but based in New York for almost 30 years, actually does onstage. Eiko comes close, however, in her online description of their “Delicious Movement” workshops: “Our class looks like a bunch of amoebas or maggots moving dreamingly and urgently. . . . Our […]

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Roy Hargrove Quintet

Only 35 years old but already a 15-year veteran of the music biz, trumpeter Roy Hargrove’s earned favorable comparisons to some of jazz’s most legendary figures. Among them is Wynton Marsalis, who discovered him at a high-school music workshop, but Hargrove’s playing has more soul and less clutter than his early champion’s; like trumpet gods […]

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Hanging Fire

Claudia Allen’s new play, directed by Sandy Shinner, is sweet, sentimental, often funny, and infused with joy: Allen has a gift for creating warm characters and capturing day-to-day intimacies. The fine ensemble helps her along, making sure that this story about the changing relationship between two sisters never flattens into stereotype. Rachel Stephens in particular […]

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Puss in Boots . . . and Other Tails

Raven Theatre is advertising these three fairy tales as appropriate for children age two to ten. But what a two-year-old finds amusing rarely entertains a ten-year-old. My three-year-old loved Puss in Boots–in large part, she said, because she really, really liked Elizabeth Bagby’s imitation of a cat. But she disliked the second story in this […]

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Sally Timms

Sally Timms is a chameleon: the way she sings depends on the musical environment behind her. On Cowboy Sally’s Twilight Laments for Lost Buckaroos (1999), recorded with Chicago alt-country pals, her singing had a lullaby sweetness, self-assured and with a gentle twang. But she doesn’t sound nearly so comforting on the new In the World […]

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There’s an undercurrent of anger in The Pinata Strikes Back, a new sketch revue directed by Keith Privett. This Latina-themed show by ÁSalsation! targets societal structures that frustrate individual needs, from families to community bureaucracies to the federal government. Unfortunately the anger doesn’t always meld with the show’s wackiness–in one sketch a pinata talks to […]