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One of Tim Rice’s dumbest lines in this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is Che Guevara’s assertion that Eva Peron “did nothing for years”–the next 150 minutes contradict it completely. Once again confusingly celebrated and condemned, the Queen of Mean returns, this time played by local heroine Kathy Voytko (who resembles Patti LuPone, the original Argentinean […]

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From its inception there’s been a cerebral strain in heavy music, though its detractors have rarely approved of the thinking going on: consider Rush’s elaborate thematic and musical edifices, or even Led Zeppelin’s frequent nods to the occult. (Aleister Crowley’s writing is pretty thorny stuff–if Jimmy Page actually understands the fellow, he’s got a leg […]

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Ten years ago, when Red Red Meat was opening for the Smashing Pumpkins, the predictability of being an arena-rock warm-up act compelled them to turn a spirit of perversity loose in their music. Instead of making heads bob in unison by playing their infectious songs straight, they began shadowboxing with them, ducking and feinting around […]

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Omnium Gatherum

In Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros’s roman a clef script, Suzie has gathered a motley assemblage of self-important cultural elites for drinks, debate, and highfalutin eats post 9/11. This play might have worn out its welcome before the second course, but director Jason Loewith keeps the verbal balls in the air so well that even […]

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Local Release Roundup

ATARI STAR Prayer + Pretend | Johann’s Face The Atari Star’s third full-length CD is a batch of ominous originals, ranging from “Starve a Fever,” a punk-prog spasm, to “Night Striped Assassins,” a slab of violent electro-funk. It’s a far cry from the lush emo and manicured indie pop of the band’s first two albums, […]

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Orange Sky

It’s difficult to have an emotional response to Ms. Understood Productions’ “almost love story” since just following it demands such effort. Writer-director Summer Neville and her codirector and fellow performer, Christopher Alvarado, begin with a girl-meets-boy dumb show dully performed to rap, folk, and pop music samples. Once Neville and Alvarado begin speaking, they behave […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Police Reports column in the Press-Star of New London, Wisconsin, July 23: “1:15 p.m., a juvenile approached an officer at [Hortonville Police Department] complaining about having a lock stuck around his right testicle for three days and he didn’t know how to get it off. . . . [After the officer obtained a […]

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Savage Love

I am a female university student with an etiquette question. There’s a girl I’ve seen around campus who I recognize from a few years ago, when “Jane” was a guy. I’m positive it’s the same person–she still has the same face, and I’ve heard that this person had a sex change. I’m wondering how I […]