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Benefits for hurrocane survivors

Numerous live music and theater performances are being held in the Chicago area to raise money for survivors of the recent gulf coast catastrophes. Here are this week’s benefit shows; see the roundup at for events taking place next week and beyond. FRIDAY 30 Callie’s Tally Pegasus Players, 1145 W. Wilson, 773-878-9761 :00 Staged […]

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Stones in His Pockets

Marie Jones’s Tony-nominated comedy about filming a historical epic in a small town in County Kerry doesn’t provide mind-bending insights into the colonizing effects of Hollywood culture. But it does provide a fabulous showcase for the two actors who play all the roles, primarily two beleaguered extras. By casting the remarkably adept duo of Will […]

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[snip] Let’s have the Bible and Koran thumpers teach both sides too. Christopher Hitchens writes in Slate, “Houses of worship that do not provide space for leaflets and pamphlets favoring evolution . . . should be denied tax-exempt status and any access to public funding originating in the White House’s ‘faith-based’ initiative.”

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Achim Kaufmann Trio

German-born pianist Achim Kaufmann started his career in the 80s, working in a variety of free-improv, fusion, and mainstream jazz contexts, but it wasn’t until 1996, when he moved to Amsterdam, that his playing truly took flight. The city has long been a springboard for creative musicians, and its anything-goes scene demands a focus and […]

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Wide Open Beaver Shot of My Heart, a Comedy With a Body Count

A subtle, wearying darkness has always lurked beneath Ian Belknap’s droll, literary comic monologues, and in his new solo piece he looks that darkness square in the face. Twenty years ago his adored grandfather was murdered, a crime that’s never been solved, and not long afterward his 40-year-old alcoholic father killed himself. Now that Belknap–an […]

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System of a Down, Hella

SYSTEM OF A DOWN are nu metal’s Mothers of Invention: they make left turns out of nowhere, segueing from Slipknot to Sublime, and write dumbed-down but sneakily political lyrics about giant cocks and “gonorrhea gorgonzola” and suchlike. Singers Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian play at being hammy meatheads, parodying the snotty Blink-182 whine and the […]