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Seasonal Disorder

This Chemically Imbalanced Comedy revue is firmly rooted in pop-culture consciousness of holiday stories and songs, whether the performers are singing Christmas carols with lascivious lyrics, presenting Santa as a sex object, or cynically recasting Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. The subjects aren’t tame, but the comedy is only mildly amusing at best. The most original […]

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Aren’t We All

In Frederick Lonsdale’s 1923 drawing-room comedy, married aristocratic idlers Willie and Margot must navigate the complications of having both been caught in flagrante delicto. Lonsdale’s writing is sophisticated, and director Jessica Thebus has assembled a talented cast for this Remy Bumppo Theatre Company revival. But the first act, comprised mostly of plot setup and character […]

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She’s On It

I would like to commend Liz Armstrong for her piece on Johnny Love and the Texas Ballroom [Chicago Antisocial, December 2]. I felt that the way she presented her article was awesome and that she gave great insight as to the Chicago scene. Keep it up. Katherine

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The Dark Arts

“The museum was always lorded over you as an inner-city kid, especially if you’re from a public school in Baltimore,” says Hamza Walker, associate curator and director of education at the Renaissance Society. Looking at objects from distant cultures as a child, he says, he’d often find himself wondering what to think. “What am I […]

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Alessandro Bosetti

Italian saxophonist and sound artist Alessandro Bosetti vigorously explores the possibilities of his instrument. Last year’s Zona (Grob) is a stunning representation of his extended technique as well as an expression of his interest in electronics: he recorded the piece using six microphones positioned at various distances, then digitally sewed the tracks together. Shifting from […]

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Dinosaurs of Rock

What a shame that Dinosaur Jr couldn’t get away with stealing another band’s name, the Dinosaurs [The Treatment, Section 3, November 25]. Well, if they can’t have their name, at least their supporters, Ms. Kendrick, for instance, can call them names: “washouts” (flops, duds, failures). If that’s the correct term for former members of Country […]

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This Minneapolis band is a total dudefest–all tricky prog jams, all the time–and you do have to be into that sort of thing to like these guys. Guitar wizards Adam Burt and Nate Nelson are all about the tones, ripping through wild overlapping phrases that leap from battery-acid sizzle to beehive swarm to tight-jeans-crotch-bulge classic […]

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Eliana Lily

Eliana Lily 1628 N. Wells 312-337-0999 Elizabeth Floersheimer has been fashionable as long as she can remember (“I dressed in pin-striped suits in seventh grade,” she says), but what she really wanted was to be in the movies. Her dream was sidelined by her own fears and the arrival of two children until two years […]