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Savage Love

Here’s my problem. I got fired from my job at the beginning of the summer and, long story short, ended up escorting to pay the bills. Being a call boy in New York turned out to be not nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, it was fun. I was safe (used condoms, worked […]

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Nightmare of You

Nightmare of You front man Brandon Reilly has apparently found a Sam’s Club in New York that sells fey, because he throws it around on the band’s self-titled debut like someone who buys in bulk. He used to play guitar for the poppy emo band Movielife, and drummer Sammy Siegler spent time in Gorilla Biscuits, […]

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[snip] “Slob is the new slut,” writes Lindsay Beyerstein in her blog, “I’m a huge believer in . . . not caring about tidiness and not cultivating any special skills to produce domestic order. One of the ways society controls women is by setting unrealistic bourgeois aesthetic standards and foisting them on women. One […]

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Studs Terkel

Studs is still going strong. The beloved nonagenarian mined his long-running WFMT radio show, The Wax Museum (1945-’90), for material for his latest volume, And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey (The New Press), and though it doesn’t have the cultural weight of Working or his other, sturdier oral histories, it effectively […]

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The Treatment

Saturday 17 ATTIC RECORDINGS, NOTES AND SCRATCHES The Notes and Scratches, a quintet of members of the local Tense Forms art collective, has just released its own first CD, Uh-Oh. The credits list more esoteric instruments than a Gypsy pawn shop, but the nicely understated production lets them all bleed together into a hazy shimmer […]

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Even if you hated the Pixies for their moneygrubbing comeback tour last year, you gotta give ’em credit for jump-starting the Coctails’ reunion. Their gig opening for the Pixies at the Aragon inspired them to speed up work on Popcorn Box (Carrot Top), a three-CD set that collects early tracks, vinyl-only rarities, and outtakes, documenting […]

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Brute force is how this local trio kicks it. Their music is pure, pummeling midwestern noise, terse and heavy and sure to warm the heart of anyone who can fondly recall the first time she heard Hammerhead or reminisce about a Cows show that changed her life. Pete Wagner’s thick, swampy bass lines gouge a […]

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I guess the Cougars took one look at all the garage-rock duos out there and decided to go in the opposite direction: really, it doesn’t take eight guys to play this stuff, but these locals pile on with sadistic gusto. Their 2003 debut, Nice, Nice (Go Kart), was a sort of matter-antimatter collision of the […]