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Joffrey Ballet

With a brawl in the opening scene, John Cranko’s dynamic Romeo and Juliet throws you into the thick of Shakespeare’s famous family feud. The Joffrey’s opulent staging, complete with coppery Renaissance costumes and chiaroscuro lighting, whirls through the ballet’s three acts before running up against an unavoidable hitch: for the last 20-odd minutes, one or […]

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Animal Collective, BARR

There are some who believe in the romantic notion that banging around long enough without rational constraint will eventually result in something brilliant. For certain purer devotees of the primitive, banging around without rational constraint is brilliant in and of itself. Feels (Fat Cat) has sorely disappointed the latter, or at least confused them enough […]

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Fuck Yeah

I’m so glad to see the frequent use of the word fuck in The Treatment. It is so important for your writers to keep their “edge.” Please continue adding more unnecessary profanity so I can maintain my respect for your independence. Thanks! Max West Town

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In David Emerson Toney’s comic tragedy, inspired by Shakespeare’s Richard III, three African-American brothers in late-60s Cleveland struggle to find success and love while hiding family secrets. The first act does little but set the story up, and under Kamesha Jackson’s direction the actors seem swallowed by the stage–the monologues drag, the dialogue rings false. […]

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Two by Bruce Baillie

One of the masterpieces of the American avant-garde, unseen here for decades, Bruce Baillie’s Quick Billy (1970) is a rare “synoptic” film that tries to construct an entire cosmos. Inspired by his own near-fatal case of hepatitis and The Tibetan Book of the Dead, it immerses viewers in a timeless flow of indistinct forms that […]

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Let Them Ho’s Fight

Security guards, a merchandise table, and a video of the cast strutting to the theater (a la Chris Martin in “Fix You”) create a rock vibe for this show by four improvisers. Setting a blistering pace in ever sharpening bits, they don’t milk jokes dry–they don’t even wait for them to register. Sometimes they seem […]

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G’s . . . A Boutique

G’s . . . A Boutique 610 1/2 W. 31st 312-842-7115 Bridgeport’s notorious for a few things, but shopping’s not one of them. Mary Ortiz, who grew up in the neighborhood and raised her own kids there, hopes to help change that. When her mother died last year, Ortiz was left with hundreds of pieces […]

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Live Feed: 11.11.05

Can you remember what was going on in the world on November 11, 2005? I’d forgotten that, for one thing, cable news was filled with stories about the aftermath of suicide bombings at hotels in Jordan. That story and other programs taped over 14 hours on that date, including horror films and shopping-channel shows, loosely […]

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Rjd2, Aceyalone

In the wake of recent releases, both MC Aceyalone and producer Rjd2 have been accused of being stuck: they could keep the loyalists entertained, but the true headz were whispering that their outta-the-gate work was all they’d ever be known for. But then nobody’s likely to eclipse Innercity Griots, the 1993 album from Aceyalone’s old […]

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Marvin Sease

If any one artist has come to personify soul-blues, it’s Marvin Sease. A former gospel singer who began his career in the 60s, he uses his emotionality and muscular timbre to invoke some deep soul on his ballads, but he’s all sauciness and arrogance on his notorious novelty songs, which all seem to have hair-curling […]