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Rogers Sisters

Their band is based in Brooklyn, but it sounds like the two siblings in the Rogers Sisters–guitarist-vocalist Jennifer and drummer Laura–are finally letting their Motor City roots bleed through. On their just-released long player, The Invisible Deck (Too Pure), the trio makes mantras out of three-note riffs, and a song that begins with a dark, […]

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All About the Washingtons

Mark Wagner got the idea for his money collages, now showing at Western Exhibitions, after having lunch with a friend. “I got out my wallet, and he reached into his pocket and pulled out this tangled mass of bills. He had to spend some time smoothing it out. Something about that transgression of money stuck […]

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[snip] Basketball doesn’t have to be for dummies. Of the eight top-ranked schools in the Division I men’s college basketball championship tournament, only two–Villanova and Duke–meet the NCAA’s minimum academic standards (roughly a 60 percent graduation rate), according to information compiled at Ohio State, Memphis, UCLA, Texas, UConn, and Tennessee do not. Overall, 30 […]

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Abelard & Heloise

The real-life romance of philosopher Peter Abelard and his young student Heloise is a 12th-century Romeo and Juliet story. Only this couple’s problem was not a family feud: the outspoken Abelard had many enemies in the church, including the uncle of brainy beauty Heloise. The couple were secretly married, then forced to separate, but their […]

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The Fourth Sister

You’d expect a man like Janusz Glowacki to savor the nasty ironies of post-Soviet Russia, and does he ever. A satirist who fled his native Poland for New York 25 years ago, Glowacki clearly gets a kick out of watching Gorbachev’s children struggle to wrap their underfed, overdosed heads around decadent capitalist culture–just as he […]

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The Treatment

Friday 17 ELLEN ALLIEN Growing up in West Berlin, Ellen Allien was obsessed with David Bowie, who recorded his Low-Heroes-Lodger trilogy with Brian Eno in the cold war holdout. She was also influenced by the city itself, a gloomy, paranoid rattrap that inspired Neue Deutsche Welle iconoclasts like Grauzone, Nina Hagen, and Kraftwerk. But it […]

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Akron/Family exercised its eclecticism like a group of talented but green rookies on its self-titled debut, released last year on Michael Gira’s Young God Records. It was cool to hear them hop from mellow folk picking to squelchy vocal collage to spacey stadium rock on “Suchness,” or flip from flute-led psychedelia to acoustic balladry to […]

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V for Vendetta

A popcorn movie that preaches mass rebellion against the government–what’s not to like? After milking The Matrix for two superfluous sequels, writer-producers Andy and Larry Wachowski adapt a 1989 graphic novel by David Lloyd and Alan Moore; set in a futuristic Great Britain, the movie follows a masked figure (Hugo Weaving) as he carries out […]

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Antares Danza Contemporanea

The setup for Miguel Mancillas’s 70-minute False Cognate is foreboding. Monica Kubli’s wonderfully textured set creates a small, high-ceilinged room with a tiny barred window high up on one wall. Ivonne Ortiz’s shifting lighting plays over the surface of this claustrophobic space, transforming it from a golden realm of possibility to a dark, menacing chamber. […]

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Lease on Love

This too cute romantic comedy is a 160-minute sitcom about twentysomethings who are accidental roommates–and then accidentally in love. A sharper director than Chris Arnold might have whittled down this first play by Tony Fiorentino (who also stars) to something interesting. Even now it has its moments: there are some clever one-liners, and Jeannie Giannone–a […]