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A Chefs’ Family Tree

A handful of fine-dining institutions from the 70s, 80s, and 90s have served as major incubators of culinary talent–in fact many local hotshots have worked at several. More than that, though, these places are a testament to how long fine dining has been part of the fabric of the city. They’ve all won major awards and share a devotion to innovation, detail, and customer service (and they all charge accordingly). What follows is a selective map of influence.

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A Night of Innocent Games

Add Miss Julie to the long list of plays that shouldn’t get updates but all too often do. Joshua Aaron Weinstein’s script relocates Strindberg’s 1888 drama to 1991 and the household of a hotel magnate. The vaguely Hilton-esque spin on the original’s heiress-gone-wild scenario is all that really translates, the fault of time and, gasp, […]

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Mirror of Unique: Beautiful Me, Beautiful Us

The press materials say the Thresholds Theatre Arts Project offers performers and writers a chance to “express complex experiences, thoughts, and emotions about their mental illness.” Yet few complexities are on display in this hour-long show featuring 16 performers reflecting on illness, childhood and adult traumas, or beauty in music, movement, dance, and monologues. Sharing […]

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The Straight Dope

Though far from being an all-out pothead, I occasionally smoke a little smoke and, to the best of my knowledge, have never experienced any ill effects (aside from that way natty brownie I ate on my 18th birthday). I have however heard a ton of nonsense on the subject concerning brain cancer, sterility, mental disorders, […]

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Of all the one-MC-one-producer collaborations I’ve heard in recent years–MF Doom and Danger Mouse, Aceyalone and Rjd2, Common and Kanye–Murs and 9th Wonder have the most natural chemistry. On the new Murray’s Revenge (Record Collection), their second full-length, 9th’s lilting, soul-driven beats set a mellow mood that lets Murs’s confrontational, self-revelatory rhymes pull you in […]

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Michael Graeve

Michael Graeve is both a painter and a sound artist, and he operates quite differently in each medium: as a painter he uses oils on canvas to render bright and geometrically precise color fields, while in performance he exploits the gritty noisemaking potential of secondhand record players. He doesn’t bother with LPs in the latter […]

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Films by Luc Moullet

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s monthlong retrospective on French director Luc Moullet peaks this week with screenings of some of Moullet’s best work. Both parts of his career are represented–his neoprimitive beginnings, when he shamelessly flaunted his lack of money and technique while alluding to Hollywood genres (The Smugglers, A Girl Is a Gun), and […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Brian Blair, 49, continues to insist that the injury that ultimately forced him to abandon his career as a professional wrestler was not one of the many he sustained during 20 years in the ring but the result of tripping over a tray of dirty dishes at an Italian restaurant in Tampa in […]

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Rempis Percussion Quartet

The title cut of the Rempis Percussion Quartet’s first studio album, Rip Tear Crunch (482 Music), kicks off with a honking R & B figure solid enough to riff on or even work into a finished song, but for this local crew it’s just a starting point. They’re committed to “total improvisation”–the shorthand term saxophonist […]

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Savage Love

I know this is a little late, but I want to complain about watching Brokeback Mountain in a theater full of gay people. My wife and I went to a screening in LA. The place was packed. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the other people there were gay men. They laughed through the whole […]

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Spank Rock

Nurtured by the Baltimore house scene, which also produced Philly’s Hollertronix, and venerated for explosive, booty-shaking 12-inches like “Put That Pussy on Me,” Spank Rock have finally released their long-awaited full-length debut, YoYoYoYoYoYo (Big Dada). And like walking into the middle of a room and dumping a Ziploc full of coke on the coffee table, […]