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The Twilight Gallery

For this late-night offering, Hell in a Handbag Productions camps up a few classic Twilight Zone and Night Gallery episodes, an idea much funnier in conception than in execution. Part of the problem seems to be that entering the Twilight Zone usually requires the company to abandon its preferred era, the late 70s. The best […]

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The King’s Proposal, or The Marriage of Princess Guido

Shakespearean conceits are writ large in Michael Govier’s amusing play for Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. Borrowing from Macbeth, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and incorporating musical theater, puppetry, and burlesque elements, this frothy farcical work isn’t always original, but it remains good fun. A committed cast energetically sells the silliness in Govier’s elaborate plot, as […]

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Rhinoceros Theater Festival

This annual showcase of experimental theater, performance, and music runs through 10/31 at Prop Thtr, 3502-4 N. Elston. Rhino Fest is coordinated by the Curious Theatre Branch, and features emerging and established artists from Chicago’s fringe. Performances take place in Prop’s north and south theaters. Admission for most shows is $15 or “pay what you […]

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Savage Love

What would you make of someone who intentionally leaves a pubic hair on your toilet seat every time he visits your home? This guy is ostensibly straight (married, even). I’m gay, and my boyfriend and I have known him since college. Anyway, I initially thought the pubic hair thing was just a coincidence, but for […]

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Bottle Can Draft

Doing site-specific works can be a gimmick. But in Sandbox Theatre Project’s hands, this play performed in a Lakeview bar about three twentysomethings hanging out in, yep, a bar is effervescent and true, inventive and fun. Playwrights Cliff Chamberlain, Chelsea Cutler, and Justin D.M. Palmer aim to explore, if not exactly the road not taken, […]

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Why? is the nom de microphone of Yoni Wolf of the Oakland-based Anticon collective, a loose-knit group of sonic experimentalists weaned on hip-hop but transformed by lo-fi pop. The various projects and groups under the Anticon umbrella vary widely in their methods of reconciling DJ/cut-and-paste culture with folky underground rock. Their voraciousness can be as […]

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Three Sisters

Kimberly Senior’s well-calibrated staging of Anton Chekhov’s exercise in diminishing returns balances the Prozorov sisters’ pointless sentiment against their frittering inanities, their earned despair against ineffectual self-pity. Playing the siblings, Kat McDonnell, Abigail Boucher, and Anita B. Deely seem to age before our eyes, so toxic is their cumulative disillusionment with love and work. By […]