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Version>06: Parallel Cities

Lumpen and Public Media Institute produce this annual festival, now in its fifth year, focusing on radical art, media, technology, and politics, with an emphasis on work generated by underground and activist communities. This year’s festival continues through Sunday, May 7, in Bridgeport and scattered other locations and includes neighborhood tours, workshops, numerous public art […]

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Experimental filmmaker Harry Smith conceived the film he considered his magnum opus for four 16-millimeter projectors, each filling a different quadrant of the screen; this posthumous 35-millimeter version combines the images into one strip with a cold precision he might not have appreciated. Inspired by the Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht opera that provides the […]

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The Straight Dope

After watching countless spy movies, westerns, and TV cop shows, I wonder: how easy is it to knock someone out by smacking them on the back of the head with a pistol, club, etc? Since I’m not willing to act as a test subject, although I’m pretty sure I’d have plenty of volunteers willing to […]

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33: A Question of Doubt

There’s nothing good to say about J. Scott’s murky, brutal new play. The kooky premise of this NihilistGELO production is that serial killer John Wayne Gacy was innocent, framed by FBI agents who were trying to send a message to gay men about the futility of resisting police power. Beware of graphic elements, including the […]

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International Pop Overthrow

Chicago’s version of the annual International Pop Overthrow festival ends this weekend with shows at two venues. For more information see FRIDAY 5 Gunther Murphy’s 1638 W. Belmont | 773-472-5139 | $10 7:30 Tommy Zender :00 John Hoskinson :30 Webstirs 9:00 Swinger 9:30 Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls 10:00 Valley Downs 10:30 Goldstars 11:00 […]

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The Jungle Book

Composer Steve Goers and writer Alyn Cardarelli have taken a classic Kipling tale, best known today as a second-rate animated Disney feature, and made the story of a child raised by wolves their own: Emerald City Theatre Company manages to re-create Kipling’s “law of the jungle” world without scaring younger audience members. Kate Stransky’s simple, […]

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A-Trak, The Rub

If hip-hop steers clear of the gangsta minstrel-show quagmire and continues to annex more and more of mainstream pop culture, sooner or later so many people will have grown up with it as the dominant music of their youth that nobody will still feel compelled to point out when a hip-hop artist isn’t black. Until […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In April the New York Post reported on an item for sale at the Web site of Salt Lake City fashion designer Jared Gold: a brooch consisting of a live Madagascar hissing cockroach, roughly three inches long, with a cluster of Swarovski crystals glued to its back, attached to a cameo pin by […]