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News of the Weird

Lead Story Cliches come to life: In April 20-year-old Jesse Maggrah was walking alongside train tracks in Red Deer, Alberta, while listening on headphones to the Norwegian metal band Gorgoroth when he was hit from behind by a freight train and flung about 15 feet. On looking up to see the train rolling to a […]

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Eduardo Galeano

“Every suitcase contained the world,” Eduardo Galeano writes in “Immigrants a Century Ago,” one of 333 vignettes in his new collection, Voices of Time: A Life in Stories (Metropolitan). He lists some of the contents: “A lock of hair / a key that’s lost its door / a pipe that’s lost its mouth.” The acclaimed […]

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Road Trip: Cycle Harbor Country

Michigan is a magnet for cyclists, thanks to its gently rolling hills and thousands of miles of quiet secondary roads, many of which run through the state’s 19 million acres of forest. There are scores of weekend group rides throughout the state; maps and other resources are on the Web site of the League of […]

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This new play by writer-director Sean Graney centers on talentless writer-director Ernie, who’s struggling to create what he hopes is a masterpiece–a film adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s Dido, Queen of Carthage–in his basement. But the perverted producer will put up the money only if Ernie agrees to a porn treatment of the subject. In Graney’s […]

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Museum Days Festival

Fairmount’s annual Museum Days Festival, which drew 40,000 people last year, celebrates the town’s two famous Jameses: Jim Davis, creator of Garfield, and James Dean, who would’ve turned 75 this year. Both men were born in nearby Marion but were raised on farms and schooled here. The Garfield events, for kids, include an art contest, […]

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Road Trip: Thrift Wisconsin

Until recently my shopping experiences in Wisconsin had been limited to stops for gas and the occasional bag of cheese curds while driving up to my native Minneapolis. But I’m a thrift-store hound, and figuring there might be better pickings if I got out of Chicago and into a vast hipster-free zone, I scoured the […]

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Savage Love

I’m a straight guy, 17 and a half. I have a Catholic Christian girlfriend, and we’ve been going out for more than four months now. She’s still a virgin. I’ve been patient and have been waiting for her to be OK with the idea of sex through the whole relationship, but there’s been almost no […]

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Nixon in China

The long overdue local debut of Nixon in China evokes the landmark moment in 1972 when canny cold warrior Richard Nixon reached out to Mao Tse-tung in a shrewd election-year ploy to divide the communist bloc, pave the way for peace in Vietnam, and lure voters away from the Democrats. Composer John Adams and librettist […]