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The Good Thief

Conor McPherson’s 1994 one-act monologue is delivered by a petty criminal whose attempt to scare a local merchant for a Dublin crime boss spins wildly, violently out of control. The playwright clearly wants us to both pity and scorn this foolish man, who nearly pays for his bad luck with his life, so The Good […]

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The Drinking & Writing Brewery’s Festivus Veisalgia

Neo-Futurists Sean Benjamin and Steve Mosqueda continue their examination/celebration of the hard-drinking writer archetype–equal parts romantic fancy, morbid fetish, and scholarly pursuit. Their original 2002 Drinking & Writing, a modest survey of legendary lit-scene lushes combined with first-person accounts of bouts with the bottle, has spawned sequels, a touring production, and a radio show. They’ve […]

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Savage Love

I’m a 22-year-old female with a wonderful, caring 21-year-old boyfriend. While I’ve slept with more people than he has, none of my long-term relationships has lasted as long as his single previous relationship (we’ve been dating for nine months). I felt very grounded and secure in our relationship, and was ready to try new things […]

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Finger Food

Meztiso 710 N. Wells 312-274-9500 Tapas have always seemed slightly absurd: if I wanted food on a toothpick, I would go to the grocery store on Saturday morning and eat samples. So I was pleasantly surprised on “Toothpick Tuesday” at the Latin restaurant Meztiso when, almost as soon as we’d ordered a pitcher of sangria, […]

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[snip] “The idea that the United States is ‘an increasingly mobile society’ is an indestructible intellectual weed,” writes Alison Stein Wellner in Reason magazine. “In 2004 less than 14 percent of U.S. residents moved–the lowest figure since the Census Bureau began collecting the data in 1948, when the moving rate was 20 percent.” Most moves […]

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The Fall

The Fall was featured on John Peel’s radio show more than any other band, recording 24 sessions between 1978 and 2004. Mark E. Smith, the group’s lone constant, hired and fired more than 30 musicians during that time as he leapt fearlessly from postpunk to slick college rock to sleek disco to straight-up garage rock […]

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The Treatment

Friday 26 OREN AMBARCHI In a 2002 interview for the Web zine Perfect Sound Forever, this Australian multi-instrumentalist listed some of the albums he found in his grandfather’s secondhand shop as a kid that turned his head around–including an Iron Maiden sleeve with a copy of Miles Davis’s Live Evil inside. Since cofounding the spastic […]

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Charles Gayle

It’s not hard to find a horn man or percussionist who plays piano passably: many learned it first, and many more use it as an aid when writing music (a degree of expertise known as “composer’s piano”). But rarely do you encounter one with such command of the instrument that he could make it his […]

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Russian Circles

Dakota/Dakota, the local instrumental trio that guitarist Mike Sullivan and bassist Colin DeKuiper played in a couple years back, didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Riddle of Steel, the Saint Louis band they poached drummer Dave Turncrantz from to form this new instrumental trio, might’ve had a shot if he’d stuck around. A year […]