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Army of Shadows

Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1969 thriller about the French resistance, finally receiving its first U.S. release, is a great film but also one of the most upsetting films I know. Melville based his story on a novel by Joseph Kessel (Belle de Jour) that was published during the occupation and is reportedly far more optimistic; in the […]

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Witch Switch

A 12 Steps Program performs Jason Williams’s play, ostensibly an episode of canceled sitcom Arrested Development. Here the Bluth family’s booze-soaked matriarch, Lucille, changes places with a cheery suburbanite. Some of the character likenesses are striking, such as Anne Harvey as Lindsay and Adi E. Paliti as her maybe gay husband, Tobias. With others, however–like […]

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Bobby Bare

At 71, country singer Bobby Bare has gone through numerous phases, but his smooth, instantly recognizable voice and good taste in songwriting have remained constant. In 1962 Nashville Sound architect Chet Atkins signed him to RCA, where he recorded much of his most important work; the storytelling in early songs like “500 Miles Away From […]

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The Retreat From Moscow

You can keep your bleak Beckettian tramps. For real existential terror I’ll take a bourgeois domestic drama like this one by British playwright William Nicholson. Alice is a demanding, insistent know-it-all who recites poetry, attends mass, and sees every conversation as a matter of her side vs. “rot.” Edward is a quiet, accommodating teacher with […]

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Wookey Works

Choreographer Sara Wookey has had a foot in two worlds for a while. An American, she moved to Amsterdam in the mid-90s and moved back to the United States a decade later–Los Angeles, in fact, so the U.S. in spades. Long interested in the effect physical spaces have on an individual’s kinesthetic sense, she started […]