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Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif’s congested, sandpapery voice and El-P’s cataclysmic production both commit aggravated assault on the eardrums, and on Lif’s new Mo’ Mega (Def Jux) they make an intimidating pair. This time El-P backs off from his customary otherworldly density, trying sparser, more industrial textures–steely electric guitars, jittery percussion, corroded keyboard sounds–that if anything make his […]

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These two Toronto dudes really want you to understand their love for the synthetic–there’s not a single warm tone on their new debut album, The Looks (Last Gang). This perverse fixation on canned, sterile sounds makes MSTRKRFT’s vocodered penis-pump disco almost charmingly funny, especially when you know it’s the work of guys with one foot […]

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Jim Provenzano’s play, based on his novel, is a coming-of-age narrative about a high school wrestler grappling with being gay. Few of the plot developments are surprising: there’s bullying, crying, parental bafflement, innocence lost, self-knowledge won. But Provenzano shows a deep fondness for his characters and a sure understanding of the wrestling milieu. He’s particularly […]

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Electronic Baby

Some statements are so well encoded you never guess they’re there. On the other end of the spectrum are plays like Electronic Baby, so skewed toward an offbeat concept that you can’t believe they’re not metaphoric. This rock opera by John Austin (music) and Kathleen Lombardo (book) focuses on a 13-year-old who prefers cars to […]

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M. Proust

Adapted by Mary Zimmerman from Marcel Proust’s own writings and from the memoirs of his housekeeper, this one-woman show feels like a dramatized book report. It may be proof that Zimmerman, deprived of a young, athletic, gorgeously clad and choreographed ensemble, cannot maintain the dramatic tension needed to keep an audience awake for 90 minutes. […]

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Yoga, Pilates, and Aerobic Dance

Millennium Park Randolph and Columbus 312-742-1168 or Bright and early on Saturday mornings, instructors from Lakeshore Athletic Club lead free yoga (8 AM) and Pilates (9 AM) classes on Millennium Park’s lush Great Lawn. From atop a makeshift stage trainers call out the moves to the crowd, and the crystal-clear sound system makes the […]