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Besides the shows below, MOBfest features a series of panels with music-industry professionals, held at Metro on June 24, that cover topics like “Artist Development and Exposure” and “Signing Your Band.” For more info or to register for a MOBfest laminate ($90 buys admission to the panels, a compilation CD, and access to all live-music […]

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Pauls Toutonghi

In his debut novel, Red Weather (Shaye Areheart), Pauls Toutonghi zeros in on a time (1989), a place (working-class Milwaukee), and an age (15) with startling acuity. His narrator, Yuri, the shy son of Latvian immigrants, is torn between bravado and bewilderment as he wrestles with the embarrassments of adolescence–his alcoholic, romantic father, Rudolfs, chief […]

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Savage Love

My problem may not be as kinky as most you get, but it’s currently terrorizing my thoughts. While in high school and early college, I was fairly sexually repressed (right-wing, Bible Belt upbringing and all that), so I used online chat rooms to explore my sexual curiosity. I would find random pictures of people on […]

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Intonation Music Festival

Last year’s inaugural Intonation Music Festival was a collaboration between indie-rock Web site Pitchfork, concert promoter and musician Mike Reed, and event-planning company Skyline Chicago, but despite the festival’s spectacular success its organizers split up before the start of planning for the 2006 installment. Pitchfork and Reed have launched the Pitchfork Music Festival, which debuts […]

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Bill Maher

Political humorist Bill Maher is less soapboxy than predecessor George Carlin and more caustic than TV peers Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, he dispatches bullshit in accusatory tones, but his boyish grin and jolly eyebrows send a “well, I don’t really know either” message, a concession […]

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UU7: A Magician Never Tells His Tricks

A spotty script undermines a clever concept in this raunchy James Bond spoof by the Harvey Finklestein Institute LLC. Living “puppets” (actors in goofy animal costumes) mime the sometimes sexually explicit action while other performers voice the dialogue. Secret agent Double-U-Seven is a bear whose catchphrase–“Do I shit in the woods?”–pretty much sums up this […]

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[snip] They got one thing right–climate models aren’t perfect. Unfortunately for us, ExxonMobil and the “think tanks” it’s paid for were wrong about the direction of the error. Michael Schlesinger, atmospheric sciences professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says we now know the climate models were too conservative. “Not only are the Greenland […]