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A Coruscating Letter

I know this is probably just the sort of petty pedantry up with which you will not put, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, but in his comments re the Sun-Times’s Mariotti, your man Miner wrote [Hot Type, June 30]: “Editorial writers offer coruscating opinions of people they don’t know and places they’ve never been.” This really […]

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Movin’ Out

This brilliant work of dance theater premiered here four years ago, before its triumphant Broadway engagement. Set to songs by Billy Joel (performed with punch and precision by vocalist Darren Holden and an onstage band), Twyla Tharp’s staging chronicles the lives of three friends who journey from “romantic teenage nights” in the mid-60s through the […]

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Media Rights and Wrongs

The story [Hot Type, June 16] was simple. The U.S. government and several news agencies decided to pay off Dr. Wen Ho Lee over $1.5 million for lawyers’ fees and as a penalty for having published/leaked his name as a suspected Chinese spy at Los Alamos. I guess that’s the going rate for destroying a […]

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Steppenwolf Theatre Company 1650 N. Halsted 312-335-1650 (ask for audience services) Theater in Chicago is reasonably priced, but if you’ve got a habit those tickets can add up. Happily, many theaters, including the Goodman, Lookingglass, Redmoon, and Chicago Shakespeare, will let you watch a show for free if you volunteer as an usher, subject to […]

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774th Street Quartet

Chicago isn’t hurting for saxophonists, yet I can’t think of a single jazz sax quartet that’s active in town. The 774th Street Quartet doesn’t quite count–bass saxophonist Thomas Mejer lives in Switzerland and altoist Aram Shelton is now based in Oakland–but it’s not a bad start. The group came together early last year and soon […]

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Irish American Heritage Festival

This annual event at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox, features music and other performances on four stages. Admission is $12, $8 in advance, $7 for seniors, and free for kids under 12. Call 773-282-7035 for more info. FRIDAY 7 Fifth Province Stage 6:00 Joe McShane & the Silverbridge Band :30 Desi O’Grady […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story The San Diego firm Allerca announced in June that it was accepting advance orders for the hypoallergenic cats it claims to have created by crossbreeding cats found via genetic screening to have a naturally low level of the allergy-causing protein. Allerca projects that the cats should be available next spring for $4,950 each. […]

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Avant is R. Kelly minus the megalomania, the sensitive-thug contradictions, and the courtroom melodrama. That leaves just a voice–and though Avant’s has grit in it, his smooth cadences are all effortless Isleyisms, lithely gliding over unobtrusive hi-hat skips and muted guitar moans. Kelly’s music is now too slathered in subtext to be good for nooky […]

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Open-Air Screenings

All movies are free and, unless otherwise noted, will be screened by video projection. For full capsule reviews, visit The Gospel PG, 105 min. Thu 7/13, 8 PM, Mandrake Park, 900 E. Pershing, 312-747-7661. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire PG-13, 157 min. Fri 7/7, 8 PM, Roosevelt Park, 62 W. Roosevelt, 312-742-7648. […]