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Tatsu Aoki’s Miyumi Pjoeject Big Band

It’s been five years since local polymath bassist and composer Tatsu Aoki premiered his large-scale composition Rooted: Origins of Now at several Chicago concerts, which were followed up by a Southport Records CD of the same title–enough time for Aoki to revisit the work’s themes of cultural inheritance, alienation, and synthesis. The title of his […]

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State-Supported Religion

Dear Letters: $54 million dollars given to Loyola University [The Works, July 7] is an outrage. Loyola is a tax-exempt, religious institution. More importantly, it is a violation of Article X, Section 3, of the constitution of the state of Illinois. The article states, clearly, that “neither the General Assembly nor any county, city, town, […]

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A Black-and-White Worldview

Conor McGrady’s stark drawings and paintings at Thomas Robertello are done in blacks, whites, and a few shades of gray. Their harsh lone figures and empty public spaces are haunted by a vague menace. McGrady says his youth in embattled Northern Ireland is key to his work but that his pieces also refer to the […]

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The Kid Has Come Out

Well, if you were trying to give away Steve Dahl’s son in your column [Hot Type, July 14], you did a fine job. If you were honestly trying not to reveal it, you must really think the people who read your column are stupid. Somehow, I think you know your readers are not stupid. Nice […]

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Aaron Siegel, Nate Wooley

Trumpeter Nate Wooley and percussionist Aaron Siegel are accomplished group improvisers with strong jazz backgrounds, but in a solo improv setting both tend to throw all idiomatic reference out the window and head for the frontiers of sound research. Wooley–who’s previously played in Chicago with his excellent trio Blue Collar, featuring Steve Swell and Tatsuya […]

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Carla Bozulich

Carla Bozulich has yet to be granted her rightful place in the pantheon of brilliant rock ‘n’ roll women, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because she’s too happy straddling the line between accessibility and its antithesis to ever produce the unconflicted anthem that’s strongly suggested for those seeking admission. Nothing demonstrates this better […]

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Nobody Said It Would Be Fun

Not everyone agrees with what Deanna Isaacs said [The Business, July 7]. Hearing the perfect articulation that Beau O’Reilly’s troupe managed in the three short plays by Beckett was a treat in itself. Although I never knew exactly what Beckett’s work meant, it was poetry and showmanship par excellence. Ms. Isaacs got the general sense […]

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Missed That Metaphor

My name is Julie Weeks, and I am the director of communications for the El Pollo Loco chain of 340 restaurants. I recently received a copy of a restaurant review written by David Hammond, which appeared in the June 30 issue of the Chicago Reader and addressed his visit to our restaurant at 2715 N. […]