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Ouest 1063 W. Madison 312-421-2799 American women are always trying to suss out the secret of French style. Many imagine it’s inaccessible to the likes of us, a collective memory built by generations of women passing down carefully guarded sartorial techniques to their daughters. But one obvious aspect of Gallic chic is the understanding that […]

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Gay Takes Time

Dear Reader, I’m feeling a little sickened by your cover story of the fundamentalist Andrew Marin in your story “His God Doesn’t Hate Fags” [August 18]. While Mr. Marin concedes that “in his heart” he does not approve of homosexuality, is this not passing judgment? Even worse is his ex-gay rhetoric, “when it comes to […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Rob Moodie, a prominent lawyer and former police union official in Wellington, New Zealand, arrived at a July hearing wearing a navy blue two-piece skirt suit, a blue-and-white blouse, stockings (over unshaven legs), and a diamond brooch. The 67-year-old Moodie, a married father of three with a bald head and a gray mustache, […]

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Boynton Beach Club

Set at a Florida retirement community and focusing on a local “bereavement club,” this funny, nervy, and pointedly unrated geriatric sex comedy is both enhanced and occasionally limited by being targeted at baby boomers. The sound track abounds with golden oldies (“Love and Marriage,” “Papa Loves Mambo”), the story culminates in a sock hop, and […]

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Give Dad His Due

Dear Ms. Armstong, I would just like to say I think you are a wonderful writer–I truly enjoyed reading your article about my father [Chicago Antisocial, July 7]–it was quite entertaining even though a lot of stuff was totally inaccurate and out of context! You made my father seem like a total creep in your […]

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Open-Air Screenings

Unless otherwise noted, all movies are free and will be screened by video projection at dusk. For full capsule reviews, visit Bucktown Arts Fest film program a Sat 8/26, Senior Citizens Memorial Park, 2238 N. Oakley, 312-409-8305. R Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PG, 115 min. a Mon 8/28, Tilton Park, 305 N. Kostner, […]

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Savage Love

My 34-year-old sister–call her Carrie–came out to the family a week ago and is looking for us all to support the decisions she’s making surrounding her coming out. Background: My sister has been somewhat happily married for 14 years and has four children under the age of 12. She wants to move her kids 3,000 […]

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[snip] “Without the transcendent moral guidance that Santa provides, how will we know which children are naughty, and which are nice?” asks University of Chicago physicist Sean Carroll in a sarcastic mood at “Are we supposed to leave that up to individuals and communities to decide? Without Santa’s equitable system of rewards and punishments […]