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Savage Love

I’m a 22-year-old male from Canada in a long-term relationship. The sex is fantastic, we’ve always been GGG, and our bedroom habits include talking dirty and light bondage, which she loves. However, my girlfriend sometimes complains that I “degrade” her in the bedroom, and she thinks that this is representative of a larger lack of […]

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Yasunao Tone

For years Yasunao Tone–a key member of Japan’s branch of the 60s Fluxus movement but a New York resident since 1972–had been looking for ways to keep his compositions unpredictable. In 1985 he struck gold: Long before the glitchwerks innovations of folks like Frank Bretschneider and Oval’s Markus Popp, he figured out how to override […]

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Asian American Showcase

The 12th annual Asian American Showcase, presented by the Foundation for Asian American Independent Media and the Gene Siskel Film Center, continues through Thursday, April 12, with screenings at the Film Center. Tickets are $9, $7 for students, and $5 for Film Center members; for more information call 312-846-2800. American Pastime Following the attack on […]

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Bingo: The Winning New Musical

Like a losing bingo card, this musical comedy is all over the place, incorporating numerous song styles, adult humor, romance, many flashbacks, a 15-year-old bingo-related grudge, a dying woman’s last wish, some glaringly obvious life lessons (“do your best”), and an odd (but funny) musical reimagining of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. There’s some […]

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The Treatment

friday6 cPIERRE DORGE & NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA As leader of one of the most improbable, satisfying, and Methuselan operations in all of jazz, Pierre Dorge has spent nearly three decades piling on apparent contradictions. A native of Copenhagen (where, of course, there is no jungle), Dorge studied music in Ghana, where he absorbed the rolling […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Karl Szmolinsky, a 67-year-old retired farmer from Eberswalde, Germany, made international news in January for his role in a plan by North Korea to combat its food shortages by breeding immense rabbits for its citizens to eat. Korean officials contacted Szmolinsky last year after Robert, a 23-pounder he’d bred, won a prize as […]

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She Stoops to Conquer

Director William Brown boldly transplants Oliver Goldsmith’s comedy–about a young man who mistakes his intended, whom he hasn’t met, for a barmaid and her home for an inn–from 1773 Britain to 1895 Montana. Brown also grafts on tender-to-rousing country-western songs by Andrew Hansen that serve only to slow down and sentimentalize the story. With this […]

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Gamma Player

Gamma Player 2035 W. Division 773-235-0755 When internationally known techno DJ Jeff Mills and wife Yoko Uozumi decided to open a boutique, they wanted it to blur the line between music and fashion. I’m still not sure what that means, but everything in Gamma Player’s black-painted space (the theme for its first season is “The […]

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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Artistic director Jim Vincent looked to 16th-century neoclassical architect Andrea Palladio, known for his sense of order and harmony, for his new piece, Palladio, the first he’s created for the company since 2002. Playing off tight, precise, baroque-sounding music by contemporary composer Karl Jenkins, the choreography and movement style are exceptionally free, even explosive. The […]

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Take It to the Potawatomi

After reading the recent article about the proposed reinstallation of a monument at the site of the so-called Fort Dearborn massacre [The Business, March 23], I am wondering why no one is wise enough to contact descendant Potawatomi peoples regarding their opinions? The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi are located less than 100 miles from Chicago, […]