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Rocket Science

Five years after directing his hit documentary about spelling bees, Spellbound (2002), Jeffrey Blitz returns with a high school comedy that builds on that film’s winning combination of academic stress and offbeat individuals. A put-upon student with a stuttering problem (Reece Thompson) is dragooned by a ferociously competitive schoolmate (Anna Kendrick) to be her partner […]

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My Imagination

Monika Bukowska, 25, moved to Chicago’s west side from Poland when she was eight years old. She lives in Wicker Park, works in retail, and fronts the band Brilliant Pebbles. Tell me about your outfit. It’s stretchy fitness pants and a Speedo swimsuit, which balance out the dress. I like gem details [holds up ringed […]

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In Jonathan Marc Sherman’s witty but contrived comedy, a cloistered Harvard grad student–so illiterate in pop culture he’s never seen Star Wars or Sesame Street–becomes an “untainted” new talent in Hollywood. Encouraged by his girlfriend’s speed freak brother, he pitches a TV series about Darwin and evolution–and ends up writing a hit sitcom about Adam […]

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What About Johnny’s Grill?

It’s ludicrous for you to publish a “Logan Square Issue” [August 10] and not mention one word about Johnny’s Grill (2545 N. Kedzie Blvd.)?! Four stars, best diner food, nicest staff! You essentially snubbed them, since you mentioned nearly every business on either side of them. In my opinion, “Elizabeth,” the sweetheart who works there, […]