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So you make a few dollars. StubHub makes a few dollars. Should Chicago get to wet its beak?

Lawyers from the city of Chicago and StubHub Inc. stood before the Illinois Supreme Court Tuesday and argued a case whose results could transform Chicago’s ticket-selling industry. The current price of a ticket to a sporting event, concert, or theatrical performance in Chicago includes a 12 percent amusement tax: the city gets 9 percent and […]

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Oprah and friends host modest get-together

Now that we have a new mayor, we can focus on the important stuff, like Oprah’s magnificent send-off celebration at the United Center. Madonna, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and more stopped by to give Oprah their best. (Tribune) Mayor Emanuel ordered $75 million cut from the budget yesterday, targeting “everything from city […]

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Two mayors, two Chicagos

Richard M. Daley had a certain quality that Rahm Emanuel lacks, James Warren noted in Sunday’s New York Times—a quality that gave the outgoing mayor an advantage over the incoming one. “As the church-going child brought up in a Bridgeport bungalow, he had an organic tie to the city’s neighborhoods and their ways of life,” […]

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Now what, Mayor Emanuel?

Mayor Emanuel’s inauguration had two obvious themes: diversity and change. (Sun-Times) The new mayor wasted no time in getting to work, signing six executive orders pertaining to ethics. (Sun-Times) As the new mayor criticized the results of the old mayor’s reign — with the old mayor sitting right behind him — the question remains, can […]

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All Hail Mayor Emanuel

Flickr/juggernautco Today marks the beginning of the Mayor Rahm Emanuel era. Mayor Daley completed his 22 years in office Friday, leaving City Hall as throngs of onlookers cheered (though, at least one Chicagoan told the former mayor what he really thought). Saturday, Emanuel led a citywide day of service before taking in a soggy concert, […]