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Exploratory Baltimore duo Wume find a stronger voice on Towards the Shadow

The debut full-length album of exploratory Baltimore duo Wume, 2015’s Maintain (Ehse), only sparingly features lyrics, and live the duo of drummer-vocalist April Camlin and keyboardist Albert Schatz generally lock into writhing Teutonic rhythms as compatible with twitchy electronica as with kosmische. But on their new album, Towards the Shadow (Northern Spy), the group edge […]

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It’s that thankful time of year

For the most of the year I rant and rail about the really bad ideas and behavior of our elected officials—and, trust me, I’ll get to Mayor Rahm’s $800 million or so Lincoln Yard TIF handout, in a subsequent column real soon. But with Thanksgiving just around the corner I figured I’d keep up with […]