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Providing resources for a brighter future

Paid sponsored content Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) promotes strong communities, businesses, and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. JARC’s Careers in Manufacturing Programs provide free job training and job placement services that help workers find employment in the manufacturing sector with skills in Computer Numerical Control (CNC), welding, […]

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Chicago rapper-producer Tree extends his winning streak with Soul Trap

In the past decade, Chicago hip-hop has elevated many talented acts to the national stage, among them rapper-producer Tremaine Johnson, better known as Tree—and his wildly idiosyncratic sounds set him apart from most of those newly minted stars. The Cabrini-Green native specializes in calamitous productions whose tough-as-nails percussion frames honeyed vocal samples warped till they […]

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This week’s cover

We have a tradition here at the Reader of tasking one of the city’s most talented illustrators, Jason Wyatt Frederick, with creating a Where’s Waldo-esque tableau every year for Pitchfork, filled with a who’s who of Chicago personalities and small visual puzzles spelling out the music fest’s lineup. When it seemed clear that we would […]

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Chicago band Porcupine explore hardcore’s potent possibilities on The Sibyl

Chicago hardcore five-piece Porcupine use society’s fetid underbelly like a renewable energy source—they must know they’ll never run out of cruelty to drive their outrage. Their new album, The Sibyl (New Morality Zine), opens with “Pederasty,” sung from the point of view of an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse who’s still haunted by trauma; […]