Celebrating a year of cannabis culture

Paid sponsored content How to read a cannabis label Find the product that’s right for you By Elizabeth Ardillo, PharmD, lead pharmacist at Rise Dispensaries If cannabis product labels look overwhelming to you, don’t stress: At Rise Dispensaries, there are cannabis consultants ready to help you find the right product—no prior knowledge required. Of course, […]

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Merzbow’s four-decade-plus reign of sonic terror continues with Screaming Dove

Japanese sound artist Masami Akita has been revolutionizing noise with his project Merzbow since 1979—he’s put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 albums, singles, and live recordings under that name, but who’s counting? Akita has bounced between electronics, tape manipulations, and scrap metal and contact mikes, both in his solo work and his collaborations […]

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Know where your CBD comes from

Paid sponsored content CBD products are popping up everywhere, from street corner shops to grocery stores and fashion boutiques. However, it’s anyone’s guess as to the source of the actual CBD in many of these products. Tulip Tree Gardens was started in 2015 by Rachael Smedberg and her husband, Jesse. They make high-quality, lab-tested CBD […]