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From Serbia to Albany Park

Tucked in a side room during September’s Taste of Serbia Festival (an annual event at Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church in Logan Square), Milena Tatic Bajich, 57, and her mom, Ljubica Tatic, 86, were simultaneously showcasing their passions (respectively, Nikola Tesla and textiles). Milena is the director of the Chicago chapter of the Tesla […]

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Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins points out the Elephant in the Room

On “Stiff Arm,” three songs into Mick Jenkins’s new Elephant in the Room (Free Nation/Cinematic Music Group), Chicago performer and activist Ayinde Cartman delivers a scorching rumination that doubles as thesis statement for the album, identifying a key paradox of Black life in America. “Our existence is the elephant in every boardroom,” Cartman declares. “How […]

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C is for confusion

Michael Mejia directs Laura Ruohonen’s 2003 exploration of power, identity, and freedom in Trap Door Theatre’s return to in-person performance. Loosely based on Queen Christina, the 17th-century Swedish monarch who abdicated because she couldn’t rule on her own terms, Queen C pays only cursory lip service to period specificity. The message is spelled out at […]

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Games witches play

Adolescence is like living in a haunted house made up of your own newly confusing flesh and psychological demons. So it makes sense that horror narratives so often bring together creepy cabins and horny melodramatic teens. In Emma Smart’s The House of Baba Yaga, the teens are a quartet who find out too late that […]

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Dances of delusion

Months of confinement and isolation inform two introspective, retrospective works on a bill shared by Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble and RE|Dance this November, and one thing is certain: never has an apse looked more like the inner curve of a cranial vault, and our activities within the bone-white walls of Ebenezer Lutheran Church seemed more like […]