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Lenny Bruce is back

The last time I reviewed Ronnie Marmo’s one-man show on Lenny Bruce, in October 2019 (then running at the now-closed Royal George Theatre), I was underwhelmed. Marmo’s performance as Bruce was good, but Bruce’s curse-filled material just didn’t have the liberating zing I remembered as a kid listening to his records or watching Bob Fosse’s […]

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The lying game

Just about the only good thing to come out of the Aaron Rodgers fiasco is that it gives us a textbook example of how MAGA finagles its way out of a jam. Almost as though the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s behavior was orchestrated by Donald Trump himself. First—they lie. Then—deny. Then prevaricate. Then obfuscate. Or […]

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Making music immortal

“There’s a satisfaction in knowing that our work will survive us by generations. That’s something that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.” Pipe organ conservator Jeff Weiler, 62, founded what became JL Weiler, Inc. in 1983. The company’s workshop near 18th and Canal employs ten people, who work to restore, […]

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The chill of other suns

Before it was retrofitted into an upscale wedding and corporate events hall, the landmark Motor Row building at 2400 South Michigan was home to the Chicago Defender, the iconic Black newspaper of record that in no small part empowered and facilitated the Great Migration of Black southerners to northern cities during the early 20th century. […]