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Patching things up

For International Repair Day on Saturday, October 15, artist and environmental activist Jenny Kendler, 42, hosted “Before and After: Mending a Life” along with artists Catherine Schwalbe and Katie Vota. “Before and After: Mending a Life,” a social practice project initiated by Schwalbe in 2021, was hosted by Kendler next to Mending Wall, Kendler’s interactive installation […]

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Chicago’s Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir honors its own traditions with its first album release in two decades

Legacy, the Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir’s first release in 20 years, is a joyous collection of gospel songs and hymns, including many from the Chicago group’s original repertory. Dedicated to Christian Tabernacle’s founder, Pastor Maceo Woods, who died in January 2020, Legacy evokes the church’s 60-plus-year history of gospel supremacy with its old-school playlist, its […]

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His name is Ray

“Entertainer, street philosopher, raconteur. I cruise the streets like a wandering knight seeking people to save from time and space, and perhaps life itself,” says Ray St. Ray, 70, accurately describing his iconic persona. “I’m in the business of creating the legend of ‘the Singing Cab Driver’ for people to cash in on with an […]

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Chicago dance collective Superjane celebrate 25 years of throwing parties and elevating women in dance

In 1997, Heather Robinson (aka DJ Heather), Colette Marino (aka Colette), Darlene Jackson (aka DJ Lady D), and Shannon Ialongo (aka Dayhota) debuted at Funky Buddha Lounge as the DJ collective Superjane. Superjane have since become a supergroup with their own center of gravity, but they’ve also functioned as advocates for other women fighting for […]

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With Please Have a Seat, Nnamdï discovers the unexpected delights and anxieties of staying still

Nnamdï’s sixth and latest album, Please Have a Seat (Secretly Canadian/Sooper), begins and ends with versions of the same refrain: “Some days I wake up ready to run.” Sure enough, since moving to Chicago from the suburbs a decade ago, the inexhaustible artist has essentially operated at a dead sprint. He records prolifically. He co-owns […]