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Who’s afraid of stanley brouwn?

I don’t understand. stanley brouwn steps? Oh, another place!He walks. . . . He appears in places and walks maybe, and he’s video-ing while he walks?stanley brouwn steps! [Laughs, whispers.] What? [Laughs.]Where’s he going to appear? [Laughs.]London!  So flowed a conversation between two seven-year-olds who sat next to me on a bench nestled in the Art Institute’s […]

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Only romance

If there’s one thing we know about Afrofuturism, it’s that it uses speculative genres as a future-imagining device to share criticism and discontent about the present. Asian Futurism, as discussed by scholars such as Dawn Chan and Xin Wang is a loose discourse that struggles to find footholds in the west outside of techno-Orientalism. There […]

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Hip-hop artist Kari Faux found musical joy in Chicago while making Real B*tches Don’t Die

Finally! An album for the real bitches. The ones who let their heart override their wounds and will flash fangs when necessary. This type of R&B- and funk-tinged, southern-fried hip-hop can’t be duplicated, only demonstrated, and that’s exactly what rapper Kari Faux does on her anthemic new album, Real B*tches Don’t Die. Every artist wants […]

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Lemming city

Quick—name Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first chief of staff! You probably can’t—unless your name is Mick Dumke. I mention Mick (a Block Club Chicago editor and my former writing partner here at the Reader) because he actually knew the answer when I asked him about it the other day. Then he sort of apologized, apparently a […]

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Tinariwen enhance the Tuareg blues of Amatssou with touches of country-and-western and ambient

In 2017, Reader critic Peter Margasak noted Tinariwen’s recurring practice of featuring rock musicians as guests on their records. Their new album, Amatssou, doesn’t change that approach, but it perfects it. Originally, the long-running ensemble of Tuareg musicians (also known as Kel Tamasheq, meaning speakers of Tamasheq) intended to make the album at Jack White’s […]