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Brutus enter their ‘ambitious third album’ phase with explosive results

Brutus have entered their “ambitious third album” phase, and it sounds like it’s really working for them. The Belgian trio made waves with their second record, 2019’s Nest, which showcased their posthardcore-meets-postrock chops. Anchored by the soaring vocals and complex rhythms of singer and drummer Stefanie Mannaerts, their dynamic, aggressive songs swerved between emo introspection […]

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Festival “Lit & Luz” ofrece una visión para la revisión

Centrado en el lenguaje, la literatura y el arte, el festival Lit & Luz, reúne a escritores, artistas visuales y músicos de México y Estados Unidos en un claro esfuerzo por fomentar el intercambio cultural. Los resultados artísticos de estas experiencias interculturales—desde la poesía hasta la fotografía y demás—se presentan luego a través de una […]

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It worked!

It was a connect-the-dots moment in Chicago as the following news stories recently broke in rapid succession. Chicago Public School enrollment fell again. It’s now down more than 115,000 students over the last 20 years. There are homeless camps in many parks and under viaducts, including Touhy Park on the far north side. That’s where […]

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Michigan grindpunks Cloud Rat push beyond their limits on Threshold

Michigan trio Cloud Rat have grown steadily from their solid grindcore foundations into one of the most boundary-pushing outfits in a generation of heavy punk-driven bands. They’ve put out more than 20 releases since forming in 2009, but this prolificacy hasn’t been accompanied by a holding pattern in their songwriting—their records feel increasingly packed with […]

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Jordan Reyes explores Zen at the release show for his album Everything Is Always

Experimental musician Jordan Reyes has dipped his fingers into many genres. His early works display his devotion to the modular synth, but he’s increasingly branched out in unpredictable directions, like flood waters overflowing a creek. The Chicago-based musician (and occasional Reader contributor) delved into dark ambient on 2020’s Fairchild Soundtrack + Border Land (a score […]

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Ørkenoy is deserted no more

There are some 38 uninhabited islands in Norway,* and three in Humboldt Park. Of course, there are the two in the Lagoon, but these days Ørkenoy—the two-year-old Nordic-inspired brewery, cocktail bar, and restaurant—is “deserted” in name only. (The word is a rough mash-up of two Norwegian words: ørken, for desert, and oy, for island.) But […]